A Quick Guide to Choose the Right Scooter for Your Toddlers

A scooter is one play item that most toddlers would love to have. Riding it for fun is among the top reasons it is on their wish list. However, scooters are great for both the physical development of a toddler, as well as outdoor fun with friends or family members.

It can be overwhelming for parents especially when they go shopping for the best scooter for their toddlers. Kids can be very selective at times; therefore, it can be challenging for a parent to look for a scooter that their toddler will love while at the same time one that will fit the standards they have set for it. This article, however, has guidelines that could help you choose a scooter that will be fit for your toddler.


How would you feel if you bought a scooter only for it to break down after being used just a few times? You will need to invest in a strong and sturdy scooter that can stand the test of time. The happiness of your kid matters. Get a top quality scooter that can be handed down to other kids once the toddler outgrows it.


It can be quite embarrassing to get a scooter that you consider the amazing for your toddler, only for them to turn it down because “it doesn’t look nice.” Look for something beautiful for your toddler. Scooters for toddlers come in different colors; you might want to consider one with the color they love the most.

Anti-slip surface

How about a scooter that has a silicone surface that is slip-resistant? This type of scooter will be ideal for toddlers. Some have a grip tape that might start to peel off after continued use. However, this can be solved by the use of strong glue.


Forget the traditional kick scooters; modern scooters are beautiful and more advanced. They have great features that make selection easier. For your toddlers, consider scooters with the following features;

  • Wheels– Some scooters’ wheels are bigger while others are not. This is because they are designed for different terrains. The bigger the wheel, the better the stability of the scooter. Standard skate wheels are also great.

Scooters available in the market can have a different number of wheels. Three-wheeled scooters are the best for toddlers. Their speed is regulated and they are stable, therefore they are suitable for toddlers.

  • Brakes– You will find all kinds of scooters, some with braking systems, and others with none. For a toddler, buy a scooter with a braking system and teach them how to use them.
  • Folding– You might want to consider investing in a scooter that can fold up. This way, it will be easier to carry them wherever you go.


The safety of your toddler should be on your mind when shopping for a scooter. There are safer options that you can look for in a scooter.


With just some little effort, you can find the right scooter for your toddler. Be sure to check items such as the helmet. You can find the right scooter but the helmet is either too big or the straps don’t fit at all. Helmets should fit well, they should neither be loose nor too tight, while the straps should fit as required under.

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