A Complete Travel Listicle to A Road-trip Travel-Safely!

If you’re about to go on a road trip, it’s important not to overlook some essential items. Being safe on the open road can lead you to fascinating new places. Without divulging too much information, some of us can handle it when it comes to the essentials of road trips and packing lists. Let’s hope you can find some useful equipment hacks and resources that will help you plan your next trip on the big open road. 

If my wild and unpredictable road-tripping history is any indication, few things go to plan. But at least you have the road trip essentials packing list to cling to when life goes south or gets expensive:


You are likely to get rain no matter what time of year you travel. A great option if you’re looking for a coat, the Columbia Arcadia jacket offers a men’s and women’s version. 

Good Hiking Boots

Hiking boots and boots, in general, are a good idea if you plan to visit national parks or hike. An alternative is hiking sandals. If you’re on the go all day, Teva or Verra sandals are ideal for hiking and light hiking. 

A Sun Hat

Of course, there are many other things you can take with you on your road trip, such as a good sun hat. You can get sunburn at any time of the year, but especially if you are heading west and it is sunny. 

Proper Clothing

Packing for a road trip is not like packing for another trip. You don’t want to put all your clothes and personal belongings in a traditional suitcase. First of all, you need clothes that are comfortable to wear in the car over long distances and appropriate clothes that you can wear outdoors. It’s good to wear flip-flops to the car, hiking pants, and hiking boots for outdoor adventures. You want to have comfortable clothing for comfortability purposes and safety when you do activities on your road trip.

First Aid Kit and Insurance

Whether your trip is long or short, alone or with the family, you will want to ensure safety for all members of the trip. It is important to bring a first aid kit. If you don’t have something you need in case of an injury, you can ruin at least a whole day of your trip. 

This point is especially true if you are in mediocre health, so be sure to buy a first aid kit with a needle readily available for less than $100. Also, to ensure the complete safety of your fellow travellers, you must have fully comp insurance of your car to sit back and enjoy the trip.

Chargers for Electronics

Yes, road trips are often about disassociating from technology, but that doesn’t mean you have to jeopardize safety. Make sure you have a battery charger in your car and an adapter that you can use while driving from place to place. Additionally, it’s helpful to have a portable charger the size of lipstick. When you’re out and about and stop to explore, it can act as a backup battery if your phone or camera goes out at an inconvenient time. 

Containers for Liquids

Every time you want to take an impromptu walk or hike, you should carry with you a daily bag to store your water bottle, sunscreen, and any other liquids. Large water containers are recommended so that you can refill water bottles and use them for cooking meals and cleaning. If you are in a motorhome or van, you need at least one to waste greywater. 

If you have to stay overnight or park on a campsite, I recommend a second one to fill up and recharge.

Hygiene Products

New places bring with them new potential health issues. Therefore, it’s important to practice good hygiene to protect you from any diseases or infections that pose a threat. You can buy products that are more convenient to bring with you on a road trip. For instance, dry shampoo is perfect for multi-day road trips. Even if you are camping and don’t feel like stopping every night, you can still benefit from using dry shampoo as a quick way to refresh yourself and feel clean on the trip. 

As your journey presents exciting opportunities, it would be foolish to say no to the inflexible list of commitments you have created. Give yourself and your fellow passengers the freedom to be spontaneous on a road trip while simultaneously maintaining your safety. 

If some of the items on this list aren’t your thing, don’t worry. This list is not meant to contain all of the necessary items but merely some of the essential items for your trip. It’s important for you to find the equipment that works best for you to help you navigate through aspects of a road trip, such as safety, accommodation, and other surprises along the way.

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