9 Easy Crafts Ideas to Personalize Your Look

Looking for ways to update and personalize your look without breaking the bank? Here are 9 ideas, to inspire you and get you to work on the clothes you already have, using some basic craft skills.

Glitter up your look

Whether you decide to go for subtle flashes or head-to-toe sparkle, adding glittering highlights to your clothes is guaranteed to gain attention. Collars, cuffs, bags, and shoes are all great places to spread on the glue and add some glamor.

Tie-dye, or tie bleach

The days when you just tied your t-shirt into a knot and dunked it in a bowl of dye are long gone. . Experiment with the different effects you can achieve by dying your old clothes in different ways. Expand your craft skills by trying out some Japanese shibori techniques – you’ll achieve a more refined and intricate finish.

As an alternative to tie-dying, what about tie bleaching for an eye-catching reverse effect

Add shapes and texture

Layering shapes onto your clothes can add touches of interest and originality. Cutting machines are a great investment. They allow you to design, scan, cut intricate shapes in fabric, leather, vinyl, wood, and more, so you’ll achieve results that would be all but impossible to achieve with a pair of scissors or a craft knife.  You’ll have far more scope to express your creative ideas and create professional shapes to decorate bags, shoes, and jackets with.

Cut sleeves, add sleeves

One of the quickest ways to transform an old t-shirt is to cut off the sleeves. But to practice your craft skill, why not think about adding some new ones in a contrasting color or fabric such as lace.

Paint onto fabric

Unleash your inner artist! Liven up an old denim jacket by painting it! Just make sure the area you’re working on is stretched out of a flat surface and get to work with your paintbrushes. If you’re not so confident about your brushwork, use ready-made stencils from a craft shop (or made on your cutting machine!)

Make DIY Headbands

Why throw away those sleeves you cut off your T-shirt? Use discarded pieces of fabrics with some stretch in them, and sew the ends together to make headbands.

Say it loud

With modern technology, it’s easy to create your own t-shirt design. Just choose any photo, a saying, a logo, and your local print shop will create a unique fashion statement. And if it’s distinctive enough, so people ask where you bought it, you can always print some more and sell them!

Fabric Stamping

Got a skirt that’s boring, but too good to throw out? Why not buy some wooden block stencils (Or make your own) and add interest with a repeated design?

Polka dot your tights

Tights keep you warm, but let’s face it, unless you spend a fortune on fancy designs, they can be a bit boring. Liven them up by painting subtle polka dots? It’s quick, cheap, and easy. And when they get laddered, it’s no big deal to take out another pair and polka dot them, too!

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