8 Top Tips for Staying Cool and Keeping Safe in Hot Weather

Hot weather and summertime are normally associated with gorgeous sundresses, colorful swimsuits, and lots of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity can sometimes be far from pleasant and can make going out on a sunny day a miserable experience. The good news is that there are several ways that you can make the most of a hot day while staying cool and safe. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Don’t Skip Sleeves

Hot weather doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear skimpy clothes, especially if you’re not comfortable with them. In fact, it may be safer to do away with your sleeveless tops on some days. This is because the fabric forms a barrier between your bare skin and direct sunlight, preventing you from getting too hot.

That might be counterintuitive, but just imagine being exposed to the sun for long periods without a barrier of clothing protecting your skin from the heat. For the same reason, a sleeved shirt will also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Just make sure to choose tops in lighter colors or those with built-in sun protection. Additionally, these tops are best paired with leggings so that you can keep your legs protected all day, too.

Dress Appropriately

Put away your thick, knitted clothes and opt for pieces with breathable fabrics instead. Linen and cotton clothing should be your go-to apparel when it’s hot outside. Make sure your clothes also have a looser fit to allow air to circulate better under your clothes. Additionally, you can wear temperature-adapting clothing to help you stay cool. They are great if you have to move around a lot on a hot day.

Go for Open-toed Footwear

Closed shoes can trap more body heat, so swapping them out for slippers, sandals, and slides will help you stay cool. Plus, you have an excuse to get fun and colorful pedicures so you can show them off all summer long.

Stay Hydrated

Since you perspire more in hotter weather, you must increase your fluid intake to keep from getting dehydrated. Thus, make sure to keep a reusable water bottle around so you can drink something throughout the day. It’s also easy to find a public water fountain so you can refill your water flask. Many restaurants and cafes allow customers to bring their own bottles for takeout beverages, too.

Use the Right Sunscreen

While you should be wearing sunscreen all the time, a broad-spectrum variant that lasts long is best during the summer. Not only will you need the added sun protection, but you also don’t want to sweat off your sunscreen, either. If you’re going for a swim, opt for a water-resistant product so you won’t have to reapply it too often.

Protect Your Face and Neck

Complete your hot-weather OOTDs with a wide-brimmed hat and shades to keep your face and neck from getting sunburned. Opt for straw hats to avoid trapping body heat, and make sure your sunglasses have UV protection as well.

Wear the Right Underwear

The kind of underwear you wear can cause you to sweat more in the summer. To avoid this, opt for lighter undergarments so you feel less restricted and hot. Thongs, bralettes, and adhesive bras are better for warmer weather conditions. Additionally, these undergarments work with many summer clothes that tend to be strapless, backless, or sheer.

Choose Totes and Other Smaller Bags

Carrying a heavier bag will not only tire you out faster in hotter weather, but it can also make you sweat more. A leather handbag or backpack can and will stick to your back when it’s hot out. Switch to crossbody bags and straw totes to carry around your essentials and to stay cool at the same time.  

As you can see, it is possible to stay cool, safe, and stylish on a sweltering day. Hopefully, you found these tips helpful in making sure you won’t have another unpleasant experience when the weather begins to warm up.

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