8 Things To Avoid Doing This Valentine Day

Love knows no boundaries; it wants to fly in the sky free as a bird and it has ambitions that could touch the cloud nine. As the day dedicated to this wonderful feeling of love is approaching, the love birds out there are busy planning the best way to express their love. Whether it’s a first date, proposing the crush or the anniversary of a relationship, everyone is searching every nook and corner to give their best.

However, there are certain things that one should keep in mind not to do that may sour your Valentine celebrations. People tend to do things that is not wrong to them according to them but is really off putting when it comes to dating or celebrating a day special as Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Pretend To Forget

You may want to surprise your partner later in the evening with a grand celebration or a purposeful gift but pretending to forget might upset them in a big way. There is no way that starting this day of love with a ruined mood is good way or indication. It is better to wish them and not tell them about the surprise rather than making your partner sulk all day. No surprise is worth it.

  1. Do Not Propose Cause Its Valentine’s Day

If you are not sure then please, don’t go with the flow. Do not propose under the pressure of making this day extra special. For a proposal to garner happy results, one should be sure of his/her feelings and the feelings of partner too. There is no way to tell what your partner will reply but when you both are ready, you will know it.

  1. Do More Than Materialistic Things

Sure, dates and gifts do make this memorable but what will make your relationship stronger is the connection that you make from heart and soul. A hearty conversation will make you two understand each other better. Make your partner feel special with a gesture that only you could do for them cause you know their likes and dislikes.

  1. Do Not Give Overwhelming Gift

Gifting something romantic and casual is fine but don’t go overboard with ultra expensive gifts like diamond jewellery or anything too expensive. This might make your partner uncomfortable if your in the initial phase of your relationship or if they planned something romantic but not so grand on the side. Make your partner feel included in your life with your love and not just gifts.

  1. Do Not Fight A Day Before

No matter what, avoid a fight a day before at all cost. You both don’t want to start the day with an upset mind. Just keep cool and calm. Even if your partner is getting anxiety or feeling stress, handle it the best way you could with a level head. This will not only make your day, a festive one but will also give an insight about your good heart to your partner.

Keep these things in mind and make the best plan that you could to express your feelings and emotions on this day. If you are still searching for the gift but no0t able to, then try buying valentine’s gift online. Not only you will get a wide array of options, you will get discounts too. Feel the air, love has already start to brim in it.

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