8 Hotspots For Food & Travel Holidays In Europe

It can be tough to decide on your ideal hotspot for food and travel during your holidays. Great travel destinations are always on the to-do list of most people if not all. However, the wrong choice may ruin your plans, and your value for money will not be realized. At we have done research and vetted different food and travel holiday destinations in Europe, therefore, saving you the time you would have otherwise taken to decide.

Here is a list of 8 hotspots for food and travel holidays in Europe.

Recommended Hotspots

1. Holiday House Bull Hill 2

The guest house is rated five stars, and it is located at South West Fowey in the United Kingdom. The home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a capacity to host about six people. From the house, you can get beautiful scenery of the sea, which is about 100m from the house and access to the golf course which is approximately 14 km away. Some of the facilities the guest house offers include wifi, Jacuzzi, television with both local and international channels connected, dishwasher and washing machine. An open kitchen with all cooking apparatus is available for self-catering. However, the facility does not allow smoking within its premises. Food can be bought from the many restaurants and cafes located in Fowey.

2. Apartment the Nursery

Located in the United Kingdom and is a hotspot that has been tested and approved by because it is clean with rooms that are well furnished. The Nursery has ample parking for the visitors who are even allowed to reside with their pets. Is that not interesting? I bet it is. The Nursery has a 24-hour wifi connection, television, and fireplace because the United Kingdom can be a bit chilly, dishwasher and washing machine. The apartment has one bathroom, four rooms and three bedrooms that can hold six people. The Nursery is ideal for people who want to enjoy their holidays relaxing in a quiet place.

3. Guy Savoy

A restaurant in France that serves some of the best menus in the world. We all know that French are known for their culinary skills, and if you love trying out some of the different French foods, then Guy Savoy should be your perfect spot. Guy Savoy Restaurant serves food such as fish, chicken and a variety of wines and champagnes.

4. Italy

Italy is also a good food and travel destination because the weather is conducive for adventure and the food is prepared with a lot of care. Italians believe meals should be enjoyed by the whole family and they are known for the best coffee, breakfast and fresh ingredients. Chef’s Table is one of the best food joints in Italy offering well cooked Italian pizza and pasta.

5. The Netherlands  

A tourist destination that attracts many visitors each year. Amsterdam is especially the destination of interest for most people. You can visit the city, enjoy different food cuisines and have beautiful places to sleep. Holiday House Type C is one house you can reserve your accommodation and get to experience the goodness of Netherlands during your visit. The house is clean and can host about four people.

6. Cantabria in Spain

A hotspot that you should purpose to visit during your holidays. The region is graced with green plantations, caves, mountains and national parks. Cantabria is also known for its enchanting villages such as Comillas.

7. Kosovo

A country you would want to visit. The country is situated in between two mountain ranges and has relatively less population in comparison with the rest of Europe. The Rahovec region has many vineyards that are good for adventurous individuals. The country also has beautiful landscapes that are good for hiking escapades.

8. Small Cyclades Greece

A hotspot for food and travel. Koufonisia is the most popular part of the Small Cyclades. The region has ferries for ease in movement, beaches and is lined with restaurants and cafes for the people who would want to taste the Greece cuisine.

When making food and travel destinations for your holidays, you want to make sure that you get the best holiday experience. There are many hotspots in Europe and most of which have been tested and approved by It is essential that you check out the website to ensure your choice is recommended.

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