7 Ways to Make Your House Smell Absolutely Wonderful

The human sense of smell has a powerful connection to emotion and state of mind. If you’ve ever walked into your favorite restaurant and noticed your mouth start to water, or if the smell of fresh baked bread dominates your memories of Grandma’s house, you’ve experienced this powerful connection. You can recreate the same powerful connection in your home and leave a lasting impression with family and visitors with just a few little tricks. Below is our list of 7 ways to make your house smell absolutely wonderful!

Identify and Eliminate the Source of the Odors

One of the key ways to make your house smell absolutely wonderful is to start by identifying where the odors in your home are coming from. You could also use coco luxe melts. Once you’ve identified the smelly culprits, do what you can to reduce or eliminate the source of the odor.

  • Leftovers
  • Kids Sports Clothes or Gear
  • Overflowing Diaper Pail
  • Cat Litter Box
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Pet Bed
  • Stinky Shoes
  • Musty Fabrics
  • Smelly Trash Bag

Often you can eliminate smelly odors just by identifying the source, cleaning it up, and then adding it to a regular cleaning routine to keep it from getting smelly again. Dispose of leftovers, empty and clean out diaper pails, trash bags, and litter boxes frequently to keep the smells at bay. So, for those that don’t yet have the benefit of regular cleaning services such as those available from Cleanzen home cleaning, we’ve included additional ways to keep your house smelling absolutely wonderful below.

Bring the Outside Inside

 Nothing smells better than fresh air. One of the best and cheapest ways to make your house smell absolutely wonderful is to open your windows and let the fresh air force the old musty air out. If breeze is scarce, turn the ceiling fans on in your house or put box fans near the windows to help circulate musty air out and fresh, clean air in. You can also bring the outdoors inside with pungent plants such as gardenias, eucalyptus, or orchids.

Potpourri Pot on the Stove or in Packets

 When you don’t have time to bake, you can still put those delicious smells into your home with a stovetop potpourri or potpourri freshener packets. Stick with pungent smells in combinations that smell wonderful together. Cinnamon, apples, and cloves simmering in hot water on the stove are great around the holidays or in winter months. Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges with peppermint or mint leaves are great for warmer months. Tuck potpourri packets of lavender, linen, or vanilla into the corner of your bathroom or linen closet. You can find a ton of additional potpourri combinations on Pinterest.

Clean It Up 

Deodorize or wash pet beds, kid’s sportswear, blankets, fabrics, and stinky shoes regularly. Find the deodorizers that work best for your home and use them during your cleaning routine to keep your home smelling wonderful. We’ve listed some examples below:

  • Scented Cleaners (Mrs. Meyers, etc.)
  • Vacuum with carpet deodorizers
  • Plug-in Air Fresheners or Self Stick Fresheners
  • Lumi Outdoor Shoe Spray in Shoes (tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oil and witch hazel spray)
  • Spray Deodorizers or DIY Freshener (Baking Soda, Warm water, and favorite fabric softener crystals)

Bake Cookies or Pie

 There’s a reason Grandma’s house smelled so good, she was always baking something scrumptious smelling! You can recreate the same effect for your kids and grandkids by taking time to bake cookies or pie. Your whole home will smell delicious, you’ll build memories for your children and grandchildren, and you’ll have a delicious snack that’s easy on the budget!

Diffuse Essential Oils

 If you’re looking for ways to make your house smell absolutely wonderful, try diffusing essential oils. You can choose from scents that appeal to the taste buds, scents designed to boost your mood, help you sleep, ward off germs, or enhance holiday celebrations. Citrus oils such as lemon or orange, spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, peppermint or lavender are popular choices.


 Everyone knows that burning candles or a wax melt is a quick way to mask bad smells at the last minute. Candles don’t eliminate odors but they can cover them up temporarily. Good candles can also create a peaceful, cozy atmosphere. The 719 Walnut Ave candles from Walmart or Mrs. Meyers brand have some great scents to help you make your house smell absolutely wonderful.

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