7 Ways To Help Kids Move Across The Country

Moving is an especially difficult thing to do. According to recent statistics, nearly 35 million people move each year. These people typically have to sell their homes, buy a new home, pack up all their belongings, haul their belongings to the new home, and unpack all of their belongings. They must also fully transition their life and their families lives to their new home. While this is a difficult task for anyone to do, it is even more difficult for families. Children may have a difficult time moving to a new location. However, here are some things you can do to help your children move across the country.

Hire Movers

While many people may think that it costs too much money to hire movers, it is actually much more affordable than people think. By the time you calculate the cost to rent a truck and pay for gas, many people realize that it is more affordable and much more convenient to hire movers. North American Van Lines offers great and affordable pricing to help people move across the county. Using movers can help you focus more on your children and less on the move.

You should also consider that if you have young children, someone will need to watch them if you want to move yourself. Having them go to a close neighbor or friend’s home the day you move boxes can be a real help on such a busy day.

Reward Children

While all parents may not want to reward their children for helping them during the move, small rewards may go a long way. Simple rewards like stickers, picking a family movie, choosing what is for dinner, and other things may make your children more excited about packing up boxes and helping the family prepare for the move.  HERE  

Let Your Children Help Plan

All children want to be heard and want to know that their opinion matters. While all parents know that they always get the final decision, it is great to include children in the plans. Asking your children about where they want to move, what they want in a new house, and what kind of things they would like to have close by may get them excited about moving.

Give Your Kids a Virtual Tour

While it may be difficult to show your children the house you are moving to, especially if it is across the country, you can give them a virtual tour. Your real estate agent should be able to set up a virtual tour of the home to show your children. Giving your children a view of their new home can get them excited about their new room, backyard, and possibly play area.

Picking Themes of New Room

When your children move to a new house, you may want to let them choose the theme of their new room. You can also let them pick out new paint colors for the room. When children are allowed to make decisions and have control over their new rooms they may start to focus less on the idea that they have to leave their friends and more on the idea that they get to have a new room.

Yard Sale

Having a family yard sale before you move has a tremendous amount of benefits. It allows you and your family to get rid of unnecessary items. It reduces the amount you have to pack and move and also allows you to make money in the process to help pay for the move. The less you have to haul the more money you can save on the move.

Getting your children involved in a family yard sale allows them to declutter their own rooms. You can let your children keep the money of the toys and items that they sell. This will increase their interest in having a yard sale and will make them want to sell more stuff. The more they sell the better your house looks before listing it on the market and the less you have to pack.


If you have any items left over after the yard sale, you should consider donating them to local charities. This is a great way to show your children how to be charitable. Introducing the idea of charities to children can help them understand how good they have it in life. They will be able to appreciate what they have and focus less on the challenges of moving.  If you are also interested in immigrating issues, you can find relevant information at

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