7 Tips For Buying Jeans That Fit Like They Should

A well-stitched garment is no hidden secret to looking chic. This also applies to a pair of denim bottoms. Your jeans should fit perfectly. But attaining that perfect fit is not always easy. As your body changes with time, it can be tough to search for a perfect pair that gives the comfort you desire.  

Searching for your perfect jeans? Remember that quality is the key. Good quality denim will not only feel better on your body, but it will also last longer. Also, do you don’t have to spend a fortune buying something that fits well. So, how can you spot good quality jeans that fit you as they should? To help ease your dilemma, we’ve listed a few tips for you to find the best pair next time.

Take your measurements correctly 

You’ll never be able to buy anything that fits beautifully unless you’ve got your measurements correct. To measure, relax your stomach and don’t hold your breath. Then wrap the inch tape around your waist without pulling the measuring tape too tight. You can even take measurements from a pair of bottoms that fits well.     

Know your body type

What’s your body type? Are you pear-shaped, apple-shaped, or triangular? There are five body types for women. You should be able to figure out yours by taking measurements and drawing a rough sketch on paper- or by looking at yourself in the mirror. So, next time you go shopping, pick something that compliments your body. If you’re pear-shaped, you may want to get your hands on jeans for curvy women to flaunt that figure. Inverted-triangle types may want to consider something that’s a bit wider at the bottom to even out the body’s proportion. So, know your body type.

Get the right size

Unless brands follow a universal size chart, you’ll likely notice minor differences across the board. You may usually wear size 32 in one brand and opt for 34 in another. The question is, how to select your size from different brands? If you are shopping at the mall, call one of the sales assistants for guidance or try them. However, shopping for your jeans online can be a bit daunting, but you can take help from live chatbots available on many sites. Also, look for a size chart, take your measurements, and select your exact size. Always buy the perfect size to avoid something too loose or tight, making you feel uncomfortable.

Opt for a heavier fabric

High-quality jeans mean stronger and heavier denim fabric. It’s all you can feel in just a touch. Quality material not only looks good but makes you feel comfortable as well. So whenever you think about getting one, try to opt for the heavier fabric. Lightweight denim usually below 12-ounces may be considered low-grade. Check out the label for the denim weight, and if you can’t find it, you can even ask a salesperson for info. At first, heavier jeans may feel a little hard, but they will soften eventually after a few washes.  

Look for good stitching

Good stitching around the pockets, hems and side seams of the bottoms can tell if it’s a quality product or not. Chain stitching (a continuous looped stitch) and double (parallel stitches placed together) signify a durable product. A single stitch may be enough as long as a thick and strong thread is used. To check the durability, you can stretch it gently at the seams. If you see any threads splitting up, it’s probably poorly stitched. 

Look for stretch

If you seek comfort, then opt for stretch denim fabric. Look for the percentage of spandex or lycra on the label. You should only look for a maximum of 2 percent for something that stretches just right. If you’re buying a pair with more than 2%, expect them to become baggy or wear out early. Since stretch jeans usually fit comfortably, choosing a smaller size than usual works better. 

Read product descriptions

Whether shopping for jeans online or in stores, don’t forget to look at the product description. It will help you identify the style and fit (baggy, slim, or straight). The description may also carry other helpful information such as finish, care instructions, fabric composition, etc., for you to know what you’re investing your money in.


Choosing the right pair of jeans that fit can be a little tricky. Whether shopping for jeans online or in stores, you need to consider a few things while buying them. You can fix many fitting issues by opting for your style and size to fabric description and proper measurements. Count on a list of these tips, and you can find well-tailored jeans that compliment your body type.

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