7 Showstopping Bridal Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

So he finally put a ring on it? Yay! Congratulations! Now is the time to put your game face on and plan the much-awaited wedding. Every girl has a dream wedding, but getting into the nitty-gritty can be a little overwhelming. How about doing a little checklist?

Wedding dress? Check. Flowers? Check. Documents? Check. Ceremony and reception venue? Check. Food vendors? Check. Giveaways? Check. Has something been left out? Oh, the bridal hairstyle!

Aside from the wedding dress and makeup, the dreamy bridal hairstyle completes the overall look of a beautiful bride. Your hair is your crowning glory, a huge source of confidence, so leaving it behind in all this wedding preparation is a no-no.

By now, a bride-to-be’s Pinterest board is probably full of hairstyle pegs that she wants to achieve. All these amazing romantic curls, princess updos, and perfectly braided balayage seem too good to be true. You will likely wonder, what sorcery did those people use to make this bridal hair look so flawless? Well, the answer is not surprising: hair extensions. 

High-quality hair extensions can give every bride that extra boost of confidence on the day of the wedding. Don’t worry if you have not tried one before; an expert hairstylist can add a natural touch to both the extensions and your real hair.

Still not convinced to use hair extensions on the wedding day? Below are some of the showstopping bridal hairstyles that get an extra amp through the help of hair extensions.

Bohemian Loose Waves

Aiming for a rustic boho wedding theme? Why not flaunt that long hair, leave it down, and have romantic loose waves? If thin hair ends are a concern, shop for wavy hair extensions! Adding them can do the trick. 

Aside from having dreamy locks, using hair extensions for this hairstyle can add volume to the bride’s hair. Those thick bohemian waves will surely look perfect down the shoulder and under the veil.

The good thing about hair extensions is that they can last up to three to six months, so the new missus gets to enjoy that perfect beach hair until the rest of the honeymoon. 

Princess Updo

An elegant ball gown is not complete without a sweet princess updo. Using extensions on this hairstyle can instantly turn it into a luxurious look. Every bride will surely unleash her inner royalty with those beautiful curly stands on top of the hair bun.

Classic Curls

The wedding is the perfect day for every bride to highlight her beauty and happiness, so going for the classic chunky curls will surely let those shine. There is something with shiny, wavy long hair that makes the eyes and the smile of the bride stand out.

Got a short bob? No worries, a clip-in extension can help achieve classic curls in whatever length you wish.

Gibson Tuck

Going for a minimalist yet romantic wedding theme? A Gibson tuck hairstyle will give every bride that elegant, sophisticated look that will be a standout. This hairstyle is perfect for securing the veil and fresh flower headpiece. Use extensions to add thickness to the tuck making it look all nice and neat. 

Braided Crown

Although this hairstyle is commonly used for a bride’s second look, a braided crown can also be done as the bride walks down the aisle. Pair these braids with wavy hair extensions to achieve that natural romantic look.

Chignon Updo

Commonly called low updo, the chignon is a charming hairstyle that screams sleek but romantic. It is perfect for a fall wedding and, surprisingly, matches different wedding-gown cuts and necklines.

A chignon updo is for brides who are not afraid to put a little texture in the hair, using hair extensions to achieve that clean and sweet look. Brides also have the option to choose from different modern chignon updos that will match her facial shape and gown style. 

Textured High Ponytail

Achieve Ariana Grande–inspired locks with a romantic twist using tape-in hair extensions to add volume. All kinds of bridal ponytails can look elegant, but textured high ponytails will help achieve that queen vibe that every bride should embody during her wedding day.

The key to achieving this hairstyle is to carefully add hair extensions at the top part to highlight the loose, voluminous waves in the ponytail.

Bottom Line

Every bride deserves to be the most beautiful woman on the day of her wedding. Regardless of the look she wants to achieve, these hairstyles will surely highlight the glow of the happy, charming, and sophisticated bride that she is.

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