7 Items Guaranteed To Bring You Comfort On Your Next Adventure!

Excited for your travelling adventure? With so much to think about it’s not always easy to remember everything. And if you’re feeling a little anxious about being away from home for so long, in a foreign country, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many experienced travelers will tell you that having certain items with you that can help you relax and unwind is the perfect way to reduce your anxiety and feel comfortable when you’re on the road. Here you’ll find a few items that many travelers won’t leave home without.


Do you wear contacts? If so, don’t forget to pack your glasses! Sure they might be redundant when you need your sunglasses, but on those days when you’re travelling between destinations, catching flights or trains or you’re just trying to relax at your accommodation, it’s always a good idea to give your eyes a break. Don’t worry if you’ve fallen out of love with your glasses, there are loads of new styles available – just check out these cat eye glasses from Eye Buy Direct – so you can relax in comfort and style too!

An eye mask

Once you’re done with your glasses, and you want to get some rest, an eye mask is definitely a must. Not only will help you to relax, but it’ll block out any natural or unnatural light, helping you to sleep more soundly. It’s ideal if any fellow travelers are up in the night or you’re travelling, and you want some shut eye.


Again, every experienced traveler will advise you invest in at least 3 pairs for your trip! Not only will they help you with ear pain during landing and take-off, but they’ll block out any unwanted noise from fellow travelers, busy roads or that dog that keeps barking…

A travel pillow and blanket

Let’s get real: travelling is uncomfortable! And often in a plane the temperature drops so you end up feeling a little chilly. Don’t forget to pack a small travel pillow for extra comfort and of course a travel blanket. The blanket will probably come in handy throughout your trip: a makeshift toilet door (ideal for when there’s little privacy), you can cover yourself up with it, keep yourself warm and use it as a window shade.

A deck of cards/travel games/books

There are times when you’re flight is going to be delayed, you’re stuck in traffic or you’re just bored. So, bringing some entertainment along is recommended. Get stuck into a good book or a travel guide or try a few games of solitaire while you’re waiting. A deck of cards is also a great ice breaker when you’re on the road!

A Chapstick

The air gets dry when you’re in the air, and if you’re travelling anywhere dry and dusty. Avoid those irritatingly dry and sore lips with a good Chapstick.

A travel journal

Document your travels the old fashioned way, and write about all your adventures, things you need to remember and even contact details of the people you meet along the way. Don’t forget the pen!

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