7 Fantastic Indoor Activities You And Your Toddler Will Love

Now, having a toddler can be a wonderful experience.

It’s fun watching them learn, grow, and play as they become their own person.

Letting them outside to run wild and free is always a great option, but what happens when going outside isn’t the best option?

What if it’s too cold?

What if the weather isn’t agreeing with your plans?

What else can they do indoors and have a blast while doing so?

Questions like these are definitely going to run across the mind sooner or later, which is why I’ve jotted down seven different indoor activities that you and your toddler will love!

Activity #1: Let’s Get Crafty

Our imaginations are one of our most powerful aspects of ourselves.

It’s where your ideas come from, where all of that child-like joy and freedom hangs out…

And since kids are nothing but bundles of imagination, why not make a day inside a day for creating and enjoying arts and crafts?

It’s a very simple, yet powerful activity for not only your toddler but you yourself!

Seriously, when’s the last time you ever decided to kid out for the day and have fun just making things?

Get your hands on some old cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks, or even old toilet paper/paper towel rolls, grab your fave non-toxic crayons and watch the magic happen!

Activity #2: It’s A Balancing Act


Have you ever made a toddler try to walk in a straight line?


Well, you’ve just found a potentially hilarious and fun activity for you and your little one!

It’s not hard at all to capture a toddler’s attention and get them to have fun, and with this idea, you won’t even need to do too much.

Simply find anything laying around the house that you can use to simulate a straight line…

You know, like tape…

A broom or mop…


Lay it down on the ground, and make a game out of getting your toddler to walk in a straight line!

Have fun watching them either develop ninja-like balance or stumble all over the place like a drunk driver who’s failing the sobriety test.

You can even throw in a bonus round and throw curves in the lines that you make!

Activity #3: The Floor Is Lava

I remember being a toddler and finding myself letting hours go by as I jumped from couch to couch…

Pillow to pillow!

I jumped from anything that I could in order to avoid touching the floor because nothing is as exciting as a little one as pretending that the floor that you consistently walk on is suddenly lava.

… I still play this game as an adult when I’m bored and inside.

It’s that fun, and if I can find enjoyment in it even now, I’m sure you and your toddler will find a way to love this imaginative game!

7 Fantastic Indoor Activities You And Your Toddler Will Love

Activity #4: Tag, You’re It

Toddlers have a lot of truths to them, and there’s definitely one particular truth that no one can deny, not even the little tykes themselves.

Toddlers love to run.

It’s like they learned how to walk, learned that they could run, and are always up to exercise that newfound mobility at every chance they get.

So, why not take advantage of that tendency to run, and play a classic game of tag with them?

They get to run around until they tucker themselves out…

You get to outmaneuver them like a pro football player…

And then both of you get to sit down and rest afterwards to catch your breath, which probably leads to naptime.

See, you can’t lose with tag!

Activity #5: Ready Or Not, Here I Come

Now your toddler is definitely too young to understand the classic Fugees song…

But no toddler is too young to not enjoy another classic game that’s been around since the beginning of time.

Hide and seek!

There is no way that you couldn’t have a blast with your toddler while letting them hunt you down, catching them hiding under the sink…

Or just dying of laughter as you watch them do a terrible job of hiding.

Only in a toddler’s mind would they really be hidden if they stand in the corner with their hands covering their face!

Activity #6: The Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Whether you’re one and a half and barely potty trained, or over seventy and in the process of forgetting your potty training…

Everybody loves music.

It’s been here since cavemen hit a stick with another stick until it sounded good, and what’s the physical activity that usually follows once the spirit of the music hits you?


Everybody loves to dance, and the best thing about dancing?

You can do it anywhere, anytime.

Especially indoors.

Just pick your favorite songs, move the couch out of the way, and create a dance floor for you and your little one to dance your hearts away!

Activity #7: Hold Down The Pillow Fort

I can admit that as a child, I spent a lot of my free time trying to make the best pillow forts that I could.


Because pillow forts are awesome, that’s why.

Giving your little architect a fun project like building a pillow fort is a great way to spend some time indoors!

Just simply pick a spot, grab some pillows and sheets, build a fort, and hunker down!

Your child will be beaming with happiness as they spend time with their parent in a cool pillow fort that they got to make.

They might even fall asleep inside, giving you some much-needed me time after a day of back to back indoor activities with your toddler!


To wrap things up neatly, there are plenty of fun activities for you and your child to enjoy indoors!

You can get all artsy with them and let them create…

You can run around with them and chop away at all of that energy children never seem to run out of…

Or you can build forts with them and enjoy your fortress of parenthood!

What other ideas do you have in mind to entertain your toddler? Let us know what you think!

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