7 Delicious Kinds Of Lasagna

Lasagna is an ultimate carb comforting, hearty meal. Everyone loves lasagna kids and adults alike. I prefer to think of lasagna more as a method of assembling and baking the casserole than a distinct individual dish. There are so many variations of lasagnas out there! Here are 7 delicious adaptations of this Italian classic.

This chicken Alfredo lasagna recipe is a tasty spin on your traditional Italian lasagna. We are using chicken meat instead if ground beef and Alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce. The combination of chicken and Alfredo sauce is unbeatable, so why not put it in a lasagna. Everyone loves creamy, cheesy, melty, buttery Alfredo sauce, it is pure heaven. This sauce is used in place of the traditional bolognese sauce in this dish. We are also gonna have a spinach layer in this lasagna. Fragrant onions and garlic sautéed with fresh spinach. It is a perfect compliment to the savory chicken, carb comforting noodles and creamy rich Alfredo sauce.

You can even make a pizza out of lasagna. This recipe is exactly what the name implies. Standard lasagna ingredients like robust meat sauce, creamy ricotta, savory parmesan, melty mozzarella all on top of the rolled out dough. It is simply delicious.

This delicious mashup of traditional Mexican flavors served traditional Italian way makes for a truly irresistible dish. Spicy Mexican lasagna! This recipe is a perfect comfort meal. Cheesy and gooey goodness that is also extremely flavorful, no one could resist this mouthwatering lasagna. This lasagna combines all the classic mexican ingredients: beef, salsa, taco seasoning, tortillas and of coarse lots and lots of Mexican cheese. The cheese is oozing out with every bite that you take of this yummy offering. I also add veggies such as onion, garlic and peppers just to freshen up the dish and balance out the richness and creaminess of the cheese. Beans round up the complete list of Mexican flavors in this dish.

Vegetarian lasagna is a wonderful culinary delight and one of my favorites. It is loaded with healthy vegetables, melty cheese and packed with flavor. And the best part you can pick out the veggies for the dish according to the content of your fridge or seasonal availability. It is very versatile. Make sure to head over to this page for more recipes.

Mini lasagna cups make for great appetizer. Those personal lasagnas in a wonton cup are cheesy and delicious. They require a fraction of work without sacrificing anything in the flavor department.

Impress your loved ones with a lasagna soup! Made in a crock pot it is a phenomenal mashup of two ultimate comfort staples like soup and lasagna. What can possibly beat that!

This zucchini noodles lasagna will satisfy your cravings without carb overload. It is wholesome and perfect for summer when you are looking for a light but filling meal. You will not feel deprived and can enjoy it guilt-free.

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