6 Signs You May Need Tree Removal Services

You may probably be wondering if that tree or those trees in your backyard need to be removed. Several pointers would guide you in making this decision. Tree removal is a process that should ideally be carried out by professionals. If you notice any of these signs, then it is probably time to call them in. If you are in Riverside, call the experts at Daniel’s Lawn & Tree LLC.

The 6 top signs that show you need tree removal services are;

The tree looks dead You may be wondering how to identify a dead tree. A dead tree is usually mostly dry with no green leaves. Most of the bark will also have peeled off, and it may already be home to a host of insects and small animals like squirrels. If your tree has any one of these characteristics, then it needs to be removed because it is bound to fall sooner or later.

The tree is damaged

After a powerful storm, trees may become damaged. Some of this damage includes torn off branches, heavily cracked trunks; the tree could also be leaning dangerously. Some trees could also have lightning damage. A damaged tree is an eyesore as well as a danger.

The tree drops too many leaves/branches/twigs

Some tree species shed a lot of leaves in different seasons. They also tend to drop lots of dead branches and twigs. If you have such a tree in your yard, it increases your yard work since you will have to rake leaves more often. This is a good enough reason to have a tree removed.

The tree is too large

A huge tree will block your view, keep out the much-needed sunshine in your garden as well as prevent proper growth of the lawn in your garden. A large tree would usually have very big and long roots that would interfere with buildings that are close by such as your home.

The tree is in the way of your landscaping plans

If you are taking on a major landscaping renovation of your garden, and a tree gets in the way, it would be a good idea to remove it and there is a great option for tree care New Castle County. It is usually easy to plan your renovations around a smaller tree, but a larger one would have to go, to pave the way for your plans. Smaller trees can be moved to a different location, but a bigger tree would have to be removed entirely.

The tree is too close to power lines

This is a very obvious reason that cannot be ignored. Overhanging branches near a power line pose the danger of electrocution or cutting off power if the branches come into contact with the power lines.

These six signs are the most obvious that don’t need a trained eye to see. You can decide to remove any trees that show the signs above. Remember to enlist the help of professional tree removal experts to avoid any accidents that would cause injury, loss of property or life.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how a dead tree needs to be removed because it is bound to fall sooner or later. One of the trees in our yard died recently and I think we need to remove it soon. Proper removal is definitely a must, so we should ask for a tree removal service.

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