5G Internet: How Will The Household Change?

Everyone is wondering how the world is going to change when 5G comes online. Already, 5G masts are being erected around the world. This is of course, just for trials and not actual services being planned. The trouble with 5G is, it’s so fast that all existing technology will need to become obsolete before it can be fully harnessed. Naturally, this is going to occur over time. It’s a great time to observe this change because it only comes about every 20-30 years. 4G entered into the market in 2009, but had been in research since 1998. That meant that about a 10-year period of research, trial and error had to be done before it could finally be released for a 15-20-year lifespan. The question is, how will the household change?

Movie download

All entertainment will be downloaded quicker. It’s no secret that this is something that 5G hopes to be pretty much groundbreaking on. This is because, 4G had good download speed but it was no way near fast enough to download movies and full games in good time. It takes about 45-hour to download a movie on the best fiber optic internet these days. Yet, with 5G the plan is to download an entire move in a minute. The project average download speed will go from about 100mb/s with 4G to 1GB/s with 5G. So a movie that is about 30GB will be downloaded in as many seconds

Switching could be easier?

Due to the abundance of 4G internet right now, switching providers is somewhat of a nonchalant affair. Every company has the same infrastructure up to a degree. It’s just the kind of bandwidth and support they are willing to provide customers that sets them apart. Here are the Latest Deals has a guide on how to switch broadband provider. You can use various haggling tips because there are ways for providers to shrug on their obligations at times, especially during peak times. However, 5G could mean that 4G companies have to do more to keep hold of customers until their own networks become fully 5G. This could take years! So you could be able to switch to a provider that has a far lower price due to the panic in loss of customers to 5G brands. 

Truly house-wide

4G is not house-wide. You cannot get the same service of WiFi in your bathroom as you can in your living room. It’s just a fact that the tiled walls in the bathroom make it difficult for the connection to penetrate through. However, it’s also clear that 4G doesn’t do well in windy or rainy environments. The UK and other countries, where rain and wind are normal, often suffer a loss of speed or reliability when WiFi is demanded outside in the garden. Even the best fiber optics have trouble getting the best performance out to a customer that is hanging in a hammock on his patio, trying to watch YouTube. Due to the larger coverage areas of each mast, it also means that one neighborhood could be covered by just one mast. The radius level of 5G is so much bigger than before!

Cutting out

Ever noticed that your WiFi on your smartphone keeps cutting out and then connecting again? This is due to the bandwidth, spread and refresh rate of 4G connections. Masts only operate at a certain Hz level, and when refreshing they can lose connection with a phone. Essentially, there are larger gaps in between the connection and refresh rate of the connection. This can also be exacerbated by rain and wind, as well as thunderstorms. 5G is seeking to operate at a lower frequency yet have smartphones operate at a higher Hz rating. As you can imagine, it’s kind of yin and yang. Yet when it has been achieved, you will see wider coverage, a lot less dropping, fewer dead zones and a more stable connection than ever before. So if you are outside playing games or watching a movie on your tablet while in the conservatory while the kids are playing or streaming games, you won’t suffer a slowdown or cut in service.

5G internet is going to be truly groundbreaking and the type of tech that people live to experience. Downloading entire movies in just seconds, never having a slowdown, never cutting out, and covering the entire house no matter what room or location you are in. 5G is going to change our household lifestyle so much. 

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