5 Ways to Make Edibles Tastier

Everyone knows edibles are fun. However, yummy is not usually a word that’s used to describe them. Edibles aren’t exactly known for their great taste.

There is no reason why edibles shouldn’t be as delicious as they are fun. You don’t even have to be that talented of a baker to make mouth-watering edibles.

Here are five ways to make your edibles more delicious.

  1. Get Creative

Who decided that edibles have to be brownies?

There are lots of other things that you can turn into an edible.

Baked goods are pretty easy to turn into edibles. It’s possible to adapt just about any recipe into a cannabis friendly recipe. You just might have to get a bit creative.

For example, have you ever tried cannabutter?

Cannabutter is basically just butter, except with cannabis! It’s really easy to make and can easily be added into any recipe to turn it into an edible.

You can also infuse oils with cannabis. Almost every recipe uses some sort of oil or butter. So you won’t have to do any extra work to make the recipe fun.

Cookies, cakes, and breads can easily be turned into edibles.

  1. Pace Yourself

Don’t try to do everything all at once.

You can only eat so many edibles in one sitting.

Tasting while you’re high is not so easy either. It takes time to recover from edibles. Here’s some information on how you can recover faster.

You shouldn’t try baking while high. You’ll probably just end up burning yourself. Plus, the final product probably won’t taste very good.

When starting out, bake weaker batches.

Gradually build up your tolerance to edibles. Take notes on the flavors before you start to feel the high. That way you can read them later and decide what works best.

If you’re hosting a party, try the recipe before your guests come

You never know what might work or not. Ask your friends for their opinions. Make sure to let them know that they are consuming edibles.

Some weed strains are stronger than others. These tend to have a stronger flavor profile as well. It’s important to be aware of what you’re consuming.

Experiment with different strains and products to find the right balance.

  1. Add More

There are a few basic ingredients when it comes to baking.

Fat, sugar, and salt are the key ingredients for baked goods. Acid is another important flavor. If these aren’t balanced, your food won’t taste good.

Generally, the more fat and sugar, the better your food will taste.

There is, of course, such a thing as too much butter. However, it’s pretty difficult to reach this point. Adding more will make your brownies or cookies taste better.

Salt and acid probably aren’t flavors you associate with baked goods. However, you need salt in your recipe. Salt brings out the other flavors.

Citrus can be added with a dash of lemon or orange. 

  1. Substitute

You don’t need to follow the rules while baking.

Swapping a simple ingredient can totally change the flavor profile for the better. Have you ever thought about ditching the flour for something else?

Here are some alternative flours that you can use.

Instead of plain wheat flour, consider using almond or coconut flour. They will change the consistency, but they will bring in other flavors as well.

Oils and butters can usually be substituted, too.

Instead of regular canola oil, try avocado or coconut oil. Hemp oil is another great alternative. Hemp has a very distinct and delicious flavor.

The only way to know what you like is to try everything.

  1. Pair Well

Food shouldn’t be eaten on its own.

You need a good drink to pair with your food.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be wine or an alcoholic beverage. If you’re eating edibles, staying away from alcohol is probably best.

Hot chocolate is a classic pairing for baked goods.

There is surprisingly a lot you can do with hot chocolate. Throw in some chili or spices to make things spicy. It’s a great way to warm up in the winter.

Make sure you are drinking enough water. Getting high will dehydrate you.


Baked goods are delicious, so there is no reason why edibles shouldn’t be just as wonderful.

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