5 Ways To Add More Comfort In The Workplace

While the workplace isn’t generally a place of comfort, your employees (and you!) spend countless hours in the same space. However, if you want your employees to maximise their efficiency and work as hard as possible, there has to be some level of comfort in the workplace. This doesn’t mean buying plush couches with servants running around to their every need! A few simple changes around the workplace can help bring some comfort to the regular work day and, in turn, help boost employee productivity overall. Here are some ways to add more comfort in the workplace.


Office seating

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re hunched over at a desk all day and sometimes, office chairs can be the cause of this. If you’ve – or an employee – have noticed or pointed out that the chairs are uncomfortable, then you may consider switching them out for a more comfortable option. There are plenty of comfortable office chairs available that won’t break the bank! Try investing in some new office chairs for increased comfort and more importantly, increased productivity.

Equipment comfort

Office chairs can only do so much for someone’s comfort, and if you’re confident that your office chairs aren’t the problem, then you should look at your equipment. Are desktop monitors positioned to cause neck problems for your staff? Or, do you staff have limited space and struggle to put their keyboard into a comfortable position? If so, you may want to look at something like a Goldtouch split keyboard or standing desk options so your staff aren’t constantly straining.

Add a homely touch to the office

Everyone feels better when they are at home, so adding a few homely touches may just help improve productivity. This is because when a space is more familiar (such as home comforts), your employees are likely to feel more comfortable and at ease in the office. A person that’s comfortable with their surroundings is more likely to produce the high-quality work you’re after. You can add a homely touch with items such as plants, lamps, and cushions in the break area to allow employees to unwind during break times.

Play focus music

When there’s noise outside or from other areas in the building it can be difficult to concentrate. Music is well known for helping retain focus and motivating people with their tasks. It’s understandable that you may not want to put on the radio, as this could serve as another distraction. However, choosing a focus music playlist and playing it in the background will help your team focus and get the job done.


Finally, lighting plays a big part in how a person feels. Certain lighting can cause a bad mood, headaches, and migraines, and your staff may not be on top of their game. Try and create as much natural lighting as possible to keep motivation levels high and prevent any unnecessary headaches in the workplace. If this isn’t possible, choose softer colours that are easy on the eye and help people to focus.

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