5 Tips to Make Your Move Easier & Cheaper

Moving your life from one location to another is stressful enough as it is. The logistics that make your move happen should be as convenient as possible. With the right strategies and planning, it can be that way. Here are five ways to make moving less of a costly hassle.

1. Get Organized

Make a list of what you need to do to organize your move, such as arranging helpers to be there, calling your utility companies, buying packing supplies and so on. Break down each major task into smaller tasks, and add deadlines to each task that requires one. For example, you need to find a good storage facility to store what you don’t have space for, so you aren’t scrambling for one at the last minute.

Have a deadline for when you’re going to have things packed and when you want to have each task completed. Then, sort all your tasks in chronological order according to their deadlines so that you can start following your task list like a calendar and avoid procrastination.  Its important that you have made arrangements to move big items or items that require specialist movers such as large instruments, piano movers Chicago run a fantastic and professional service.

2. Avoid Moving In and Out on the Same Day

No matter how bad you want to get it over with, moving should never be rushed. It always takes longer than anticipated. Space your move-in and move-out days at least a week apart from each

other so that you have leeway at both homes during your move. Especially if you have small children, it’s helpful to get your kids set up in the new home as you finish up packing, moving and cleaning.

3. Know How to Label Boxes

Great labeling skills make moving and unpacking a lot easier. It may seem like more work, but if you’re lazy about labeling boxes and containers, you won’t be able to place the right boxes in the right rooms as you unload your moving truck. You’ll end up doing more work moving boxes around your home to the rooms they should be in.

Use a thick-tipped black permanent marker to label where the items in each box should go in your new home, or simply write down their contents, such as “books” or “bath towels.” Write “Fragile” in big letters on any boxes with breakable contents.

4. Rent a Moving Truck

It’s easier to rent a truck than it is to put your SUV or pickup through dozens of trips, so don’t skip this step. You don’t need to hire professional movers if you already have the manpower to move furniture and boxes. However, a big truck that can fit all your items in one or two trips is still a must for making your transition smooth. Plus, you’ll actually save money on gas, and save a lot of time making trips.

5. Start Moving Day Early

Always start your moving-in and moving-out days as early as possible — ideally at 8 a.m. This can help you avoid rushing at the end of the day when you’re exhausted. It’s usually easier to get a a moving truck at the start of the day, and if the weather is hot, loading the truck will be cooler.

Saving Time and Money Makes Moving Less Stressful

Typically, it’s not the heavy lifting or the packing that we hate when we move — it’s the organization and logistics of it all, which seems to rack up unexpected expenses and take an overwhelming amount of your time. Keeping your to-do list on a timeline and labeling boxes sufficiently will help you stay organized so that mishaps don’t waste your time and energy. Renting a moving truck, starting early and spacing out your move-in and move-out days are the best ways to make moving less stressful.

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