5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Once kids get a taste for those delicious artificial drinks and carbonated sodas, it’s so hard to backtrack. Sugary drinks and snacks are the pinnacle of instant gratification for kids. They’re also terribly unhealthy.

Sugary drinks can cause health problems that last a lifetime, and they can create a love-affair with sugar that never goes away.

But, it’s not difficult to wean kids off the sugar and back onto good old-fashioned water. All it takes is a few small changes to get them craving H20 again. Here’s how to do it.

5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Choose Fun Water Bottles

Kids love getting new toys. You can use this to your advantage by turning reusable bottles into fun playthings.

There are tons of styles and colors to choose from, including bottles decorated with their favorite princess or superhero.

We know what you’re thinking: kids don’t like toys anymore. They only want to play with tablets and phones. Well, there’s a bottle for that too!

The Auron Bottle is the first smart water bottle. It comes with a built-in water purifier to keep your family healthy no matter how you sip. And, it has a touchscreen display, LED lights, and fun sounds that keep kids engaged.

Auron cleans itself with an all-natural UV light purifier capable of killing 99.99% of germs. With Auron, you get the cleanest water you’ve ever drunk. And, it can clean water from any source, including taps, fountains, lakes, rivers, and more (perfect for hiking and camping).

5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

You can control all of Auron’s functions using a touchscreen on its lid. Just tap to start the purification, and a countdown will appear on the display. It only takes 60 seconds to purify any water.

Kids get a kick out of Auron’s touchscreen. They love tapping the screen and transforming their water into something new. It gamifies the experience and brings water into the 21st century.

Using the screen, you can also set hydration reminders, set auto-clean, and check the temperature of your beverage (Auron keeps any drink hot or cold for up to 24 hours!).

Auron is cleaner and safer than any other bottle, and it lasts forever without the need to replace filters or batteries.

If your kids love screens, they’ll love drinking water from Auron. Auron Bottle is running a pre-order sale for their new bottle right now, and you can get 60% off a bottle if you order soon!




5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Get Rid of Sugary Drinks

Temptation is what starts the most arguments over drinking water vs sugary drinks. If your fridge is full of sodas and juices, then your kids are going to put up a fuss.

If water is all there is to drink, it will look better and better as time goes on. That’s the best part about water. Your kids already want to drink it, no matter what they say. If they refuse, all you have to do is wait. When they’re thirsty, they’ll go for a glass.

This might be a tough request for parents too, but you’ve got to cut out the sweet drinks for the sake of your kids (at least until they develop a taste for water again). Clean that fridge out and don’t look back. If you usually have a soda with dinner, have one for lunch instead and keep your sugary drinks at work.

If you can manage it, this is the easiest way to get kids back on water.

5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Add a Little Flavor

There’s no need to go cold turkey from sugary drinks. Why not add a little flavor to your kids’ cups? Not only will this make water a bit more palatable, but it will also make it more fun.

You can add fresh fruit, citrus juice, or a tiny bit of concentrated juice for a burst of flavor. Make a little buffet for the kids after school and let them put what they want in their water. Set out a bunch of colorful ingredients like blueberries, strawberries, banana, cucumber, and orange slices.

Another hack is to drop a little food coloring inside. Sometimes, all it takes is for the drink to look like juice for kids to drink up.

 5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Get Some Exercise

What do you crave when you work up a sweat? Usually not a gulp of Coke or Kool-Aid. When our bodies are truly thirsty, we crave water.

If your kids are not as active these days (during the pandemic, most kids aren’t), this will make them less interested in water.

Make a plan to get outside every day to do some activity. This can be a game in the yard or a family walk. It’s a great excuse to spend some time together as a family every day, and it will keep everyone healthier.

Exercise is the key to so many healthy habits. I highly recommend this tip!

5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Get Creative with Ice Cubes

Kids are more sensitive to flavors than adults are. One way to combat the bitter or metallic taste of tap water is to serve your water extra cold. So, stock up on ice cubes and keep a pitcher on hand.

But don’t stop there. Why not have fun with ice cubes by letting your kids add little “accessories” to them? You can stick fruit slices inside to make colorful ice. Or, you can add food coloring to do the same (however, if you put more than one color of ice in your water, it may not look too appetizing when it melts!).

You can also add raisins to mimic flies (popular with boys, for some reason), or bits of candy, like Skittles, that come as a reward for finishing a glass. Just make sure your kids are old enough not to choke on small pieces of fruit or candy.

5 Tips to Make Kids LOVE Drinking Water (and Forget Sugary Drinks)

Kids LOVE Water! They Just Need a Little Help…

If you’re tired of fighting with your kids over what to drink with dinner, just remember: kids already love water. We all do! It’s the most essential ingredient for life. All you have to do is give them a little help appreciating it.

Start by cleaning your fridge and pantry of sugary drinks and sodas. Then, try some of the fun tips on this list.

I highly recommend Auron Bottle to get kids on the right track. A new gadget will start them drinking water without a fuss, and before you know it, they’ll be hooked! Auron’s pure water is also tastier and healthier. It’s an all-around good investment for families.

Don’t forget to get your Auron Bottle before the pre-order sale ends. You can still get yours for 60% off. It’s a great price, and it lasts for life. Don’t miss out!

Learn more about Auron Bottle and pre-order yours today at 

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