5 Tips To Help Increase Your Child’s Intelligence

Almost every other parent dreams of having kids who are a lot smarter than they ever were. Smart kids are simply a joy to have in any family. While some parents think that genetics have something to do with a child’s intelligence, research shows that this is far from the truth. A child’s cognitive abilities are greatly dependent on how well we are able to understand the fact that a young child’s brain is like a blank canvas that is just waiting for invaluable inputs. That being said, it is imperative that we acquire the knowledge, skills, and tons of patience to make our own kids smarter than we ever were. Here are 5 tips to help make your kid smarter.

Increase your knowledge and understanding of things. 

Some people believe that it’s not necessary for parents to read as much as their kids. However, the whole point in the making of smarter kids is to provide them with enough stimulation to read as well as to drive their thirst for greater knowledge. Many kids will be asking questions. Rather than letting them seek the answers from their friends or from anywhere else, it is a lot better to provide them the information that they seek. That is why, if you want them to be smart, you’d have to brush up on your knowledge and understanding of things as well. 

Never skimp on breast milk and good nutrition. 

Breast milk contains all the right nutrients necessary for optimum brain development. It is particularly rich in essential fatty acids that help facilitate more efficient neural processes. Once kids have grown up, good nutrition can play a very important role in the maintenance of these cognitive processes enabling your kids to function at a level that is far beyond normal. This is something that many of us fail to recognize since most of our kids are now thriving on instant, chemical-ridden food items. 

Make every day an opportunity for learning. 

Don’t wait for school to open before you start teaching your kids about things in life. Even going to the grocery can have plenty of educational value. Identify and create teaching and learning moments so that children will have something new to learn every single day. You may not immediately feel the effects of such an activity but, in due time, you’ll be thankful you did. You don’t need to be as strict and rules-based as a teacher. It can be as simple as explaining what a particular item is used for, how it is made, or even its many potential uses. Now, if you haven’t read about these things, will you be able to share something with your kid? 

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Use modern technology to benefit your child’s cognitive pursuits.

Today’s technology is fast becoming the preferred mode of learning. From tablets to smartphones to interactive applications, more and more kids are learning a lot of things through the use of technology. However, as these gadgets can have their inherent risks, it is crucial that you exercise some form of parental control so that you can be assured only educational content or content of learning and developmental value can be accessed by your child. 

Be ready to support your kids. 

Kids need the gentle push, the warm hurrah from their parents to be motivated in learning. If they feel you are not particularly interested in what they are learning, then they might not want to become smarter at all. So, be ready to become the number 1 fan of your whiz kid in the making.

Want smarter kids? Then consider these 5 tips. You’ll never go wrong. 

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