5 Tips For Ordering the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

One of my favorite celebrations is just around the corner… Valentine’s Day! I remember as a little girl waking up on this special day and always finding a gift from my father waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Valentine’s Day is far more than a time to celebrate couples love, but a day to celebrate love for all the special people in your lives. Whether you want to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her, or you’re sending your kids ecards for Valentine’s Day, this is a day to remind all the people you love that you are thinking of them. I have gathered five tips for ordering the best Valentine’s Day flowers, I hope that you find them useful!

5 Tips for Ordering the Best Valentine's Day Flowers

Order Ahead of Time: Do not procrastinate when it comes to ordering flowers! I am 100% guilty of this and it has resulted in loved ones receiving their flowers after Valentine’s Day. All of the popular varieties may sell out fast and delivery times may become unavailable if you wait until Valentine’s Day to place an order. Ordering ahead of time is going to give you the best selection of flowers and you know they will arrive on the time and day you requested.

Choosing Size & Color: Make sure you do some research on the flowers that you are ordering. Red roses of course represent love and romance, probably not the type of flowers you would want to send to your mother or daughter. Did you know that deep pink roses are a sign of appreciation and gratitude? That would be the perfect selection to send to your mother or mother-in-law! Maybe you have a best friend that you want to recognize on Valentine’s Day. Why not sent them some yellow roses, which symbolize friendship, caring, and affection. If you secretly admire someone in your life, consider sending them a bouquet of white roses, which signifies young love, purity, and innocence. How about a brand new love? Orange roses represents enthusiasm, attraction, and excitement. You could also send some lavender roses, a symbol of love at first site. My most favorite roses are the light pink ones, which means elegance, happiness, and gentleness.

Surprise Delivery Is Always Best: Everyone loves a surprise, so why not make Valentine’s Day extra special for someone this year and surprise them with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I recently discovered a great place to order from, Fresh Flowers creates hand-made Valentines Day flower arrangements and hand delivers them to locals on the same day! They also offer a free reminder service! Never again will you forget a special day, as they will send you an email in advance for each significant day to ensure that you never miss that date again (you can save and amend up to 5 reminders.)

Know What Your Valentine Likes: Knowing what the recipient of a bouquet of flowers prefers is a major plus! Not everyone likes roses (which are often associated with Valentine’s Day) so don’t assume that is what they would like to receive. Do a little investigative work and try to find out what flowers would be most thrilling for them to have delivered on Valentine’s Day. Some alternatives to roses; orchids, orchid plants, tulips, or hydrangeas. Green plants are also a beautiful option (my personal favorite) because they generally last longer than fresh cut flowers. You could also go with a vase of daisies, hyacinths or an assortment of flowers in your recipients favorite colors.

Pair with A Treat: You should defiantly consider sending a little extra something special alongside the flowers! A few popular options are chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, balloons or even an adorable plush animal for the littlest of Valentine’s Day recipients. No matter which flowers and special treats you decide to send your loved one(s) this Valentine’s Day, they will surely appreciate the kind gesture and reminder of how much you love and care for them!

5 Tips for Ordering the Best Valentine's Day Flowers




8 thoughts on “5 Tips For Ordering the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

  1. Flowers, a plant, or a gift basket arriving just make someone’s day a little extra special. There is one plant I received over two years ago – a lucky bamboo, that I have that is still thriving which is great.

  2. Hello Heather, First of all I want to thank you for sharing such a useful article which is quite useful for me on this valentine’s day. Actually, I have saved your website for gifting my boyfriend who is a florist and was very impressed 🙂

  3. Valentine’s day is coming now and tips that you shared here is defiantly going to help many people who are planning to give flowers to their partner. I appreciate that you shared this tips with all of us. I think surprise flower delivery is one of the best idea to do.

  4. Very Nice Article,

    Your article provides valuable information about tips for ordering valentine’s day flowers. I appreciate your article. This article is very helpful for many people. I have also visited a website named Whole Blossoms which offers fresh cut and top quality flowers for valentine’s day, wedding decorations and other special events at the best price.

  5. I like your tips! They are simple and go as planned! Some businesses offer same day flower delivery, but I would not leave the surprise until the last moment. Two or three days planning ahead is much better than stressing last minute of what to choose.

    Pay attention to your loved ones social media. He/She might actually help you out with the types of flowers she likes on there.

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