5 Things you can do to remedy a problematic relationship

Being in a relationship can emit different kinds of feelings towards your partner at different stages. When your relationship hits the rocks, getting back on the right path may be difficult for both you and your partner. While it can be a headache to try to solve issues with your partner, here are a few tips to help you remedy a problematic relationship;

Accept your differences

While going through a rough patch with your partner, it is important to acknowledge each other’s differences in order to come to common ground. Try to hear your partner out and understand that you will not always like what they have to say but acquiescing in some of their decisions and opinions is inevitable for problem-solving. In a spirit of reconciliation, try to express your contrasting opinions as it will help you to deal with your issues sooner.

Find new ways to rejuvenate your connection

An uneventful relationship is as good as a dead relationship. That is why, from time to time, you and your partner should spare time to experience new things together. Your relationship can be problematic, but putting in small efforts will go a long way to bring life back to it. While you and your partner try to get back on track, it is important to try to reinvigorate your connections. This is a good way to spark the forgotten feelings of connection you once felt when the relationship was newer.

Recoup touch

Through touch, you directly express feelings of compassion to your partner as well as boosting connection with them. So, if touch between you and your partner has been reduced to the bedroom only, then you need to reclaim it outside your bedroom. According to some experts, touch is a great way to generate mutual bonds as well as conciliate your partner, both of which are social actions linked to the progression of compassion.

Identify your toxic habits and stop them

Toxic habits that you or your spouse may have are some of the major catalysts of problematic relationships. Once you realize that you or your partner has a toxic habit try to have a conversation with them to come up with a solution to that problem. For instance, if one of you is an alcoholic try to find how to deal with problem drinking or if one of you is arrogant and likes dismissing conversations and arguments before problem-solving, try to have a conversation with them when both of you are calm. Table any habit that you feel is toxic to your relationship and try to find the best solution for it with your partner.

Double your efforts to commit

As a relationship grows old, couples tend to get comfortable with each other and as time goes by, efforts to stay committed to your partner grow dimmer. This gives more reason for you increase your commitment efforts especially when your relationship starts getting problematic. When facing issues, try to use a generalized approach that accommodates your spouse’s opinions and feelings and avoid personalizing as much as possible.   

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