5 Things Every Movie Night Needs

There is nothing quite like cuddling down with the family and watching a movie for the evening, but making an evening of it is the best way to do it. Watching a movie can be an event and the best way to make it that way is to bump up how you spend your time together. You can have so much fun with a movie night with the family and all it takes is a few moments to plan it right.

Movie night doesn’t have to cost much, either. From cooking up a storm with this easy red velvet cookie recipe to bringing down all the blankets and nesting in front of the screen, your movie night is going to be the best time you’ve had in a while if you pay attention to the little details. Below, we’ve got some of the best things that your movie night needs to be a roaring success:

  1. You need a good movie. Everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy a great movie. You’ll be better off knowing that you have chosen a movie for everyone to enjoy. No movie night is complete without a good blockbuster, which means that you need to make sure that you have a range of choices that everyone can enjoy.
  2. Good food. Are you ever really complete with a movie night without snacks? You wouldn’t go to a movie theater without buying candy, chocolate or popcorn so recreate your movie night with the best snacks. You can even buy mini boxes to serve up your snacks to everyone and make it feel authentic. 
  3. A way to watch. Do you want to have everyone surrounding the TV in the lounge or do you want to do things a little differently? You can make your movie night a fun experience when you choose to watch the movie on a big screen outside instead. You can do this on a warm, dry night and put the movie on a projector. If you don’t have a screen, get some thick white sheets and mount them on the side of the house! Don’t forget the pillows and blankets for comfort.
  4. You’ll need great company. Make sure that you’re relaxing with people you actually want to relax with. You don’t want to host a movie with people you don’t really like, so make sure that you have your besties around you if you’re not watching with your family. Movie night can be so much more exciting when you have people to discuss the finer details with afterwards. That’s half the fun – dissecting the characters and discussing the roles is part of the entire experience. 
  5. Make it a sleepover. You can make movie night so much more fun when you extend the night and make it a sleepover. Get everyone to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and you can make it just like when you were at school. If you want to really do well with movie night, this will round off the night!

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