5 Soothing Lights for Sleepy Kids (and Moms!)

Bright screens keep our brains buzzing a lot longer than is healthy. This can have a negative effect on the developing eyes and brains of children. But trying to tear them away from their gadgets can be a tough sell, especially when we’re constantly using them too!

Luckily, modern technology offers us a lot of ways to replace their gadgets with equally enticing spectacles that will actually help them sleep. We have to help our little ones who don’t always have the ability to self-regulate. These soothing lights will take their minds off their screens and help them drift off to dreamland with ease. 

ACED Cordless Moon Lamp with Ambient Light5 Soothing Lights for Sleepy Kids (and Moms!)

What kid isn’t fascinated by space? The ACED Cordless Moon Lamp is an exact replica of the real deal, and it’s perfect for any future astronomer or stargazer. Your child’s mind will be filled with a sense of wonder every time they look at this unique lamp.

The glowing moon looks so life-like because it is 3D-printed. It has three different brightness levels: warm white, daylight white, and cold white—perfect for any season. No matter the time of day or current mood of your household, you can set this light to match.

Simply touch the base or use a remote control to change the settings. You’ll get up to 20 hours of illumination, and you can recharge the lamp with a standard USB cable. A two-hour timer will automatically shut off the lamp to help conserve battery power.

Volta, the Levitating Lightbulb by Floately

Volta, the mesmerizing levitating light from Floately will get the whole house talking. Kids go absolutely bananas for it, but not in a wild and crazy way. They gravitate towards it as if they can’t keep their eyes off it. And before you know it, they’re sound asleep.5 Soothing Lights for Sleepy Kids (and Moms!)

But we really can’t blame them. Volta’s real levitating power is hard to look away from! 

Volta’s levitation is powered by an electromagnetic field created between the base and bulb. It’s easy to set up and you can even spin the bulb in place. The science is kind of complicated, but you can just tell your kids it’s magic! Or, it can serve for a science lesson for curious little minds.

Volta emits a warm, relaxing glow thanks to wireless induction technology (wireless electricity). It’s been optimized to glow at a warm color temperature perfect for stress relief and relaxation. It’s hard not to feel soothed and ready for bed around this lamp.

To turn it on, just tap a button on the wooden base. It’s seamless and button-free.

Curious fingers will want to touch the bulb, and that’s ok! The bulb is reinforced and shatterproof so it can handle a good knocking, but we wouldn’t recommend touching it too much. Volta is as safe as any other lamp, but it’s not a toy.

If cared for, Volta will last over 20 years (who knows—maybe your grandkids will use it too!). Its LED lights last 50 times longer than standard bulbs, so Volta is an investment that will pay off.

Finally, the best magic of all: a lighter wallet! Volta is on sale now for 33% off for a limited time. Grab yours and illuminate all the minds in your home!

Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp

The Philips Hue Bloom Lamp is a perfect choice for accent lighting. It’s an LED lamp that lets you change its color and intensity based on your mood. You can make any room in the house more energetic or relaxing—which helps to get kids to sleep at night and to get them up in the morning.5 Soothing Lights for Sleepy Kids (and Moms!)

The best thing about this light for parents is it’s a great bargaining chip. You can tell your child that they can pick the color and the lighting app if they turn off their phone. Next stop? Dreamland.

You can operate the Bloom Lamp via wifi, so you can change the lighting or turn it off without going into your child’s room and risking waking them up. It’s also a great perk for older, more tech-savvy kids. Thanks to some cool apps, you can sync it up to music or make a lava lamp light show, so there are a lot of options to keep kids interested over time.

The light doesn’t get very bright, so you can’t use it for much other than a mood light or nightlight. We’d recommend the Volta lamp above if you’re looking for more versatility.

Aukey Dimmable Ambient Desk Light

The Aukey Ambient Desk Light can fit into any nook and cranny in your home. The touch controls make it simple for little ones to use, too. You can choose between warm white, red, blue, and green color options, which makes going to bed fun for kids. There are three different brightness levels to create whatever atmosphere your child likes (we prefer the calming one!).

The base rotates 360 degrees, so it’s easy to place anywhere and to turn on and off without hassle. If you are looking for a modern light that will look cute in any room, this little lamp goes a long way. It doesn’t take batteries, though, so make sure you have a power source nearby.

The Aukey looks contemporary, but it’s a pretty standard lamp. We can’t guarantee your kids will warm up to it for more than a week or so. But, for its budget price, it’s a nice little light.

LumiPets Night Light with Touch Sensor and Remote

A great choice for very small children, LumiPets Night Lights come in the shape of all their favorite animals. Not only do they have a relaxing glow, but they are also a bedside companion to your little one (recommended if your child is afraid of the dark!). It’s made of non-toxic, washable silicone so it’s super soft and safe to sleep with as well.

There are 8 animal designs to choose from, and they feature 8 different color options. Just tap to cycle through the colors—it’s super easy even for young kids to do. But if you want to maintain control, get a Bluetooth powered LumiPet so you can adjust the light with your phone. 

The rechargeable battery will last several nights, and a convenient remote lets you set the sleep timer, brightness, and more from afar. Choose from a bear, bunny, cat, fox, owl, and even unicorn!

Sweet Dreams!

Sleep doesn’t come easy to every child. But helping them have a satisfying night of rest can be as easy as changing the lighting in their room, reassuring them with a nightlight companion, or limiting their screen time before bed. All of the nightlights on this list will help you do that.

Our top recommendation for infants and toddlers has to be LumiPets, because they’re so cute and safe. For children 6 and up, Volta is our top pick. It’s the only light that got our kids’ attention and zonked them to sleep, night after night.

Whichever you choose, we hope it brings many sweet dreams to you and your family!

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