5 Signs That You’ve Found Your Personal Style Without Even Knowing It Your Blog

 5 Signs That You’ve Found Your Personal Style Without Even Knowing It Your BlogThere are many articles on the internet dedicated to helping you find your personal style, but rarely do they ever come to this conclusion: you’ve already found your personal style! Whether it’s because you’re new to fashion or because you’re too focused on high-end brands, there’s a good chance that your approach to style is what’s hindering you from truly embracing your own preferred look.

To help you out, we’ve pinpointed five signs that prove you’ve already found your personal style without even knowing it.

You Gravitate Towards Certain Styles When Reading About Fashion

Whether you find yourself constantly looking at Korean fashion or you’ve bookmarked loads of articles about the latest Italian trends, gravitating towards a certain style and reading material usually indicates that you’ve developed a love for a certain type of fashion, but you’re just hesitant to incorporate it into your own personal style.

You Browse Online For Clothes on a Regular Basis

Do you find yourself constantly looking online at sites like for the latest fashion? Do you always feel tempted to buy clothes when they’re on sale and do you bookmark things you’d love to buy? If you take a look at all of the links you’ve saved, you’ll probably notice that you’ve put together a style already; the next step is just to buy those clothes you’ve saved!

You’ve Stopped Wearing Certain Clothes From Your Wardrobe

Finding your style can also mean abandoning old styles. Perhaps you used to love striped clothes but now they’ve been relegated to your under-bed storage. Or perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a certain hoodie style and, despite owning just one, you wear it all the time at home and when you go out. If you find that you’ve abandoned some styles you used to love, then it’s a good indication you can move on and rule them out from your personal style choices.

All Of Your Clothes Are a Certain Colour Theme

There’s a good chance that, if you look through your wardrobe, that you’ve already found your preferred colours. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to colours and all it takes is browsing and buying clothes with those colours to really define your own style. Choosing the colours you want to wear can often be difficult, but it’s well worth the time investment if you’re serious about finding your own style.

You Follow Certain Celebrity Icons

Find yourself constantly looking at Instagram pictures of your favorite celebrities? Then it’s a good indication that you adore their style and want to learn more about it. While you probably shouldn’t copy their outfits entirely, drawing inspiration from their collections is often a great way to build up your own sense of style and fashion. You can utilize their ideas–just don’t copy them entirely or else you’ll end up just following everything they wear and never define your own style!

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