5 Safest Places in the US to Raise Your Kid

Safety is a top priority for parents across the country, especially with crime becoming more prevalent in a multitude of areas. If you’re looking for the perfect new place to relocate your family and are in need of an area that’s quiet and safe, we’ve come up with the must-see list of the 5 safest places in the US to raise your kid.

Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin

Shorewood is a lovely little village that is located in Milwaukee. It has a unique history with buildings that have a European flair that many artists and history lovers will truly enjoy. Aside from the beauty of the buildings, Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin is known to be an incredibly safe area that borders along the Lake Michigan, which means astounding water views are sure to come your way if you choose this wonderful shoreline Wisconsin town.

Exeter, New Hampshire

If you’re looking for a town that has a deep, rich history behind it with astounding architecture that looks as if it’s right out of the 1800s, then you will love Exeter, New Hampshire. Not only is this delightful city an area that can offer you an abundance of history with delightful views, but this water-border town is undeniably one of the most safest locations in the country for raising a family. No wonder why it’s such a popular spot for families on the East Coast!

Bountiful, Utah

There’s far more beautiful areas in the country than Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a majestic site during the winter season where the buildings are topped white and the trees are drizzled in snow, or during spring when the miraculous colors of nature come out to play. However, Salt Luke City, Utah is a busy area with a lot of people, which isn’t great for families. Answer? Opt for the sleepy bedroom community known as Bountiful, Utah, right outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a stunning area that’s safe and quiet, perfect for the up-and-coming family. Prices aren’t too bad, either.

Borough of Madison, New Jersey

There are several areas of New Jersey that have been touted as wonderful places to raise kids and start your family. But the Borough of Madison seems to definitely be a crowd favorite. Perhaps it is because of the super low crime rate and extraordinary views this town has to offer? It’s convenient while still being small, and you get to enjoy that New Jersey experience everyone knows and loves.

Julington Creek, Jacksonville, Florida

Want to indulge in superior weather and prime location? Florida is where it’s at, but you certainly don’t want to go just anywhere. That’s why Julington Creek, a neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, is on this list. It is truly an astounding area with some of the most beautiful and cheapest houses on the market- I mean, just look at these great, affordable listings in Julington Creek! In an area that’s clean, reserved, and utterly delightful, families and young professionals alike can benefit from this wonderful neighborhood!


Whether you’re wanting to situate on the east, west, or middle of the country, you’re bound to find a wonderful home and environment for you and your family on this list.

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