5 Reasons Why Moissanite Is The Most Preferred Ring Choice


Are you thinking of making a significant move with your fiancée in your lives with an engagement ring? You may decide to propose to your partner so that that you can completely change your life. This engagement is something that your fiancée will remember forever.

There are so many factors to consider when proposing to your partner. However, the essential thing is a ring. A ring plays a significant role as a critical indicator to show an engagement took place.

Diamonds have entirely occupied this market, but Moissanite rings play an equal role with more benefits than the diamond rings. Moissanite ring from is the most preferred ring to diamond currently. Outlined are five reasons why you should consider a Moissanite Engagement Ring.

  1. It is similar to Diamond

Majority of people cannot differentiate between Moissanite rings and diamond rings. The level of similarity between diamond and Moissanite rings is high. Nobody can tell the difference between the two. Moissanite rings are distinctly more brilliant than diamond.

 Moissanite rings are durable enough and can last you a lifetime. Its brilliance never fades away to make you feel confident. This ring never gets cloudy nor damaged like other rings that are not diamond. Therefore, this ring is more elegant than other rings which are not diamond.


  1. It allows you to have options for many Designs

When choosing the right choices for an engagement ring, you land in the empire of confusion. Your mind gets confused about what best suits your partner. You will have to choose a ring based on set, metal, and shape. However, it’s upon you to make the right choice although it is overwhelming to get the right choices.

Moissanite provides many options for you. Moissanite rings can be cut into all the shapes similar to diamond. These shapes include round, cushion and princess. All you need to do is to have a choice of the metal to use and the Moissanite setting. In this case, your partner will get a ring of her dreams to match her personality.

  1. This ring lasts long

A diamond lasts long because it can withstand wear and tear for a long time. Diamond is unlikely to engage in scratches. Just like diamonds, Moissanite rings are also durable because they can withstand wear-and-tear.

Moissanite retains the same quality in a lifetime. However, Moissanite ring is ranked low in scale when compared with diamond. Purchasing this ring is an assurance that you will always feel confident because the ring will maintain its physical status throughout your lifetime.

  1. This ring saves your money

Saving money for any large purchase is a significant milestone in your life. Buying an engagement ring is a big purchase; therefore, you need to save money on it. Moissanite rings are very cheap compared to diamond rings. Both are engagement rings, but 1-carat diamond may go for $5000 while moissanite is $1000.

Both the rings may have the same size and shape, but the price difference is vast. Maybe diamond is overrated? But the fact remains that the two rings have close similarity and durability.

Moissanite engagement rings are suitable for people who are ready to save some money for a new house, honeymoon and a wedding. Saving about $4500 is a significant milestone to make in your life. This amount of money can also be gifted to your partner after making the saving.

5 Reasons Why Moissanite Is The Most Preferred Ring Choice

  1. This ring sparkles more than Diamond

Moissanite rings are not only cheap but also sparkles more than diamond. This ring reflects that white light well. The white light makes this ring for sparkling magnificently. According to the brilliance refractive scale, Moissanite hits 2.65 while diamond hits 2.42.

It is difficult to notice their differences, but you will discover that the Moissanite ring sparkles in the dimmest zones. Thus, you need to make the best choice which will make your partner love you more.


Developing a mindset that is flexible in the choice of quality engagement rings creates an excellent platform to discover the best rings which are cheaper. Other than diamond, other alternatives such Moissanite ring are good quality but less expensive. Many people have not discovered this idea, but it is a reality.

Moissanite has proven to be the best quality in the class of diamond. It is durable and gives you more options for the shape, and metal. Why should you confine yourself to diamond yet you have greater options that will serve you to your standards.

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