5 reasons why children love horses

Anyone who has kids knows how much they love horses. The moment a kid interacts with a horse for the first time, they will keep asking for a horse ride from that point onwards. They will also keep asking you endless questions about horses. In case you are wondering why your kids are constantly asking you about horses, here are 5 reasons why children love horses.

  1. Riding a horse is fun

Any adult who has ever ridden a horse knows that it’s one of the best experiences out there. For kids, the fun is even more pronounced because they are still young, and are fascinated by new experiences.  The thrill that comes with horse riding means that kids will want to keep doing it over and over again. Besides, kids tend to develop an attachment with friendly animals, which is why they love pets. As such, if a kid rides and likes a certain horse, they will most likely want to keep interacting with it.

  1. Horses give them a chance to bond with friends

Most horse stables also double up as social gathering places. As such, kids love horses because they offer them a chance to bond with their friends as they ride together. They also get to make new friends, an activity that kids are always looking forward to. The moment a kid realizes that a horse stable is a perfect place for meeting new friends, you can bet on it that they will constantly be asking for it.

  1. Horses are excellent friends

Like dogs, horses also make for great friends.  A horse has the ability to connect with a person, and become a companion. Once a kid interacts with a horse for the first time and they like it, they are likely to want to become more connected to it, and form a friendly bond. This friendly nature of horses is one of the reasons why children develop an attachment to horses, and fall in love with them. In most cases, a kid will develop an attachment to one horse, and will want to stay around it at all times. It is very important to take proper care of horses as they are susceptible to physical injuries. In most cases, a kid will develop an attachment to one horse, and will want to stay around it at all times.

  1. Horses give them a visualization of what they see on T.V

The first time that most kids see a horse is on television, and they love them.  When they interact with a horse in real life, they have the same positive perception as they do for the screen horses. As such, when kids interact with a horse, the love is simply an extension of what they have already seen on television.

  1. Horses offer an opportunity to spend time outdoors

Nowadays, most kids spend their time indoors watching television or playing video games. Horse riding is one of the few activities that are engaging enough to get them outside. That’s why kids tend to love horses. Interacting with horses is as captivating as the other activity they enjoy so much, and that’s playing video games. When you combine this with the friendly nature of horses, it’s not hard to see where the love comes from.

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