5 Pastry Dessert Recipes From Around The World

When it comes to experimenting with pastries, there are all kinds of pastry dessert options to consider. Below are just a few different pastry dessert recipes from around the world to try at home.


Baklava is a pastry dessert commonly eaten in Turkey, Greece and many other countries that were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. It is made from filo pastry, giving it a distinctive flaky texture, and is often held together and sweetened with honey or syrup. Nuts and spices are also commonly added to give it extra flavor. Baklava isn’t too difficult to make at home. The biggest challenge is getting it soft – if your baklava often ends up hard, it could be worth checking out this baklava recipe. You can eat baklava with tea or coffee as a snack, or serve it as a dessert with a meal (it could be a great dessert for a Greek or Turkish themed dinner night). 


Strudel is believed to have originally derived from baklava in the 1400s. Today, it is mainly associated with Germany and Austria, where it is somewhat of a national dish. Strudel pastry is similarly layered like baklava, but is softer and more elastic. Strudel desserts also often incorporate a filling – the most popular being apple. They are great winter desserts that are best served hot with cream or ice cream. Check out this easy apple strudel recipe to try at home. 


These cork-shaped pastries originally come from Bordeaux in France. When baked properly, they have a soft fluffy center and crispy caramelized crust. Canelés are traditionally made using eggs, butter, flour, sugar, vanilla and rum. They are known for being quite challenging to bake, but they’re certainly worth the effort – they’re the type of dessert that is certain to leave an impression at a dinner party due to their appearance and delicious taste. This canéle pastry recipe explains exactly how to make them. 


Originating in Spain and Portugal, churros are a popular sweet pastry sold from stalls across Latin America. They are made from choux pastry, which is deep fried and then coated in sugar. They are then often dipped in chocolate sauce. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a deep fryer to make churros – in fact you can make churros at home in a saucepan or even in an air fryer. These are great snacks to eat throughout the day, or a fun dessert option following a Spanish or Mexican night. 

Dan tat

Dan tat is Chinese for egg tart. These desserts were originally brought over to China from Europe, but have become more associated with Hong Kong cuisine over time. They are small shortcrust pastries with an egg custard filling that are often served with afternoon tea. If you’re hosting a Chinese dinner night, dan tat could make an easy light dessert that you can serve with ice cream. Alternatively, you could bake them to eat as a snack. Check out this recipe to learn how to make these egg tarts. 

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