5 Must Haves at Your End of the Summer BBQ

The summer is drawing to a quick close, and we are going to start preparing for the holidays and the new year. The ending of summer is an important time in the year as we start a season of reflecting and planning for the future. This is what makes the end of summer BBQ so important. It’s one last time to be together before the many responsibilities of life send us in separate directions. To make your BBQ memorable, here are five things you need to have at your end of the summer party. 

Set the Mood

There’s nothing more inviting than a good mood when you walk into a BBQ. As the host, the best way to set the mood is with the proper lighting and music. Both of these things will make your party a success. Both of these items are affected by the time of day you choose to have your party, so you must plan accordingly.

During the day, it’s a good idea to focus on the music. Have something that you know everyone will enjoy and will put everyone in a good mood. Pop music is always a favorite as are classic songs that can cross generations. As for lighting, keep it away from the pool, but things like Edison lights will give off a soft light that will make your yard feel cozy. 

Get Tiki Torches

This is not just for decor, tiki torches also have citronella oil in them that will ward off bugs and mosquitos. With tiki torches, you will be able to sit at the table, enjoy your food, and stick around after sundown without worrying about getting bitten and scratching yourself all night long. 

When the sun goes down, the torches will also add the perfect level of light to your yard, and you can place torches in areas of the backyard that are not normally lit up so that people can sit away from others for privacy and still be protected from the bugs. Tiki torch oils are also easily replaceable when they run out so that your backyard is always comfortable. 

Serve Great Food

People come to the BBQ for the food. Whether you have a pool or not, people will still have a great time when there is great food and drink. There are BBQ staples that everyone will expect like hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and kabobs. All of these items can also be made vegetarian or vegan for any guests who do not eat meat. 

There are also a bevy of salads you can serve from traditional green salads, pasta salads, and red potato salad. The more variety and choices you can provide for your guests the better because there will be a little something for everyone and everyone will then be guaranteed to have a lovely time. 

Make It Easy For Everyone

The best way to make your party easy for everyone is to have all the food in large containers or bowls where everyone can get up at their leisure, serve themselves, and return for seconds without having to burden anyone. The same goes for drinks. 

If you can, batch large drinks like iced teas, lemonades, coffees, and alcoholic drinks like sangria or spiked punches in large drink dispensers. This way, guests can refill their drinks when they want and there will always be plenty left over. For people who want spiked seltzers, sodas, and beers, have a large cooler stocked with drinks and ice so everyone can have full access to whatever it is they like to drink. 

Let the Games Begin

Entertain the people and bring them together with games. Lawn games are very easy to come by and they are relatively inexpensive. Lawn games like badminton, corn hole, and horseshoes always bring a group together for some friendly competition. Drinking games like flip cup are also great for the adult set who can pass the time laughing and making memories. 

If you have a pool, playing water volleyball, playing dodgeball, or doing underwater scavenger hunts with the kids is always a great way to amp up the good vibes and have a great time. 


There are plenty of more things you can do to make your end of the summer BBQ a success like making sure there is plenty of watermelon, ice, and bug repellent so that everyone is comfortable and everyone is fed. As you say good-bye to summer, make it count and make it fun for everyone. 

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