5 Must-Have Necessities for a Backyard BBQ This Summer

Summer is a matter of months away. With temperatures soon to soar, why not make the most of the sunshine and host a backyard BBQ? To cut planning time in half and ensure you have lots of time to socialize with loved ones and enjoy the day, here are some essentials you’ll need to sort out before the fun can get underway.

Food and Drink

A BBQ isn’t a BBQ without lots of yummy food and drink. Therefore, stocking up on grilled chicken, kebabs, hamburgers, and ribs is essential. Other dishes you can serve up include mac and cheese, BBQ chicken wings, and creamy potato salad. Regarding drinks, make sure you buy plenty of alcoholic and non-acholic beverages. To cut costs, why not think about a bulk soda delivery? Louisiana Pantry offers bulk soda delivery direct to your door. They also sell mixers, cocktail garnishes, and specialty foods that could be perfect for your party.


Once you’ve bought all your food and drink, you’re going to need to buy equipment to cook and serve it all. One of the favored by many Americans is a charcoal grill, which can give a smoky taste and add a little extra to your food. Some people prefer a gas grill as it preserves the natural flavor of each dish better. The choice is up to you. You’ll also need to buy utensils to cook your food. These include sturdy tongs, a spatula, metal skewers, and a cooling rack.

Bug Repellent

When you’re sitting outdoors enjoying the glorious sunshine, the last thing you want is pesty bugs crawling all over you and your guests. Therefore, investing in bug repellent is a must. Bug spray tends to be forgotten during the chaos of BBQ prepping. However, it’s essential for keeping away flies, and unwanted insect visitors. Bug repellent will stop any creepy crawlies from getting on your food too. If you’re not keen on using chemical products, there are natural ingredients that repel mosquitos and other insects you can look into.


Whether you’re planning an intimate affair or a big party for your BBQ, you need to make sure you have plenty of seating and tables for everyone. If you don’t, Aunt Doris may end up having to stand up! You don’t have to spend a fortune on seating either. Lightweight folding chairs are incredibly useful and won’t clutter up your outdoor space when you don’t have guests around. You can decorate your outdoor furniture too by purchasing summertime tablecloths, flower centerpieces, and even balloons.


For your backyard BBQ to be a success, you’ll need to have some form of entertainment. Sticking on some tunes can do the job and keep everyone satisfied. Once you learn how to create a Spotify playlist, you won’t have to keep running to your device to change the song. There are fun party games you can play at your BBQ too, such as giant Jenga, connect four, and tug-of-war that are suitable for all ages.

Before your guests arrive at your BBQ hangout, having the essentials in place will lower stress and help you look forward to your party.

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