5 Experiences You Can’t Skip When Visiting Southern California

You are thinking of visiting California and are probably pretty excited. California is one of the most popular states in the United States. Still, besides going to Disneyland or Universal Studios, you are wondering what other experiences you should have while visiting. The following are five experiences you cannot skip while visiting Southern California.

  1. Wine Tour

While the most famous California wine country is in the northern half of the state, Southern California is also home to world-class wineries. Those visiting SoCal are encouraged to go on a winery tour in Temecula, located between Los Angeles and San Diego. 

The soil in this part of the state quite fertile;  it makes sense the region features several good wineries. Let loose, and give yourself an opportunity to taste some great wines, or learn about the winemaking process as you go through the tour.

  1. Star Walk

An important experience to have in Southern California is visiting Hollywood in the northern part of Los Angeles. Go down this street, and you will be able to see the names of some of the most famous Hollywood stars. You are going to be able to take a picture with the name of the stars you recognize or admire.

The Hollywood Boulevard walk is also famous for some of the characters you might see walking down the street. There are a lot of impersonators who walk around the street dressed up as famous movie characters. You get to take pictures with these individuals and have the experience you really couldn’t have anywhere else.

  1. Fashion Stroll

Rodeo Drive has been a mecca for fashion for a long time. Several movies and shows feature this famous shopping strip that has some of the most famous boutiques in the world.

You will find designer clothes all over the place and glamour around every corner. Granted, some of the prices in these stores are going to be pretty high, but those who want to splurge are definitely going to enjoy this little area.

  1. Water Discoveries

There are a lot of great beaches in Southern California, like Long Beach, Santa Monica, or Venice beach, and you definitely should experience those beaches because they are all one of a kind.

Besides, out of all the things you probably know about California, beach life is probably one of the things that come to mind. The beach culture is real, and that is part of the reason you are going to want to hit these beaches and all the other water activities in Southern California.

  1. Religious Experience

It may be a good idea to go down to Calipatria, which is a little area in Southern California that has an interesting place for you to visit called Salvation Mountain. This is an art installation in the middle of the dessert dedicated to Christianity.

The location is filled with crazy colors, and it is surrounded by a dessert. Some people feel like they walked back through time when they go see this place; it does remind you of something you might see in the 60s or 70s, but it is there now and quite interesting to experience.

Hopefully, you have the time to visit all of these locations if not more during your trip to Southern California.

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