5 Creative Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids

Don’t just hate it when the temperatures are low as they have been for the last couple of months and you need to try and think of interesting ways to keep the kids entertained, especially at the weekends. Admit it, how many of you reading this have settled for putting the kids in front of a DVD, their tablet or even their games console. However, there are a lot of things you can actually do, without leaving your home that can get your kids involved in creative things.

Work on a Huge Painting

If you’re not particularly good at art, the last thing you might think about doing with your children is painting. However, the great thing about painting is that you don’t necessarily have to be skilled at art. Even without a lot of skill you and your children can still make an attractive piece of art, especially if you do something a bit more abstract and freeform.

You could get a large piece of paper, plan it out, so that you all have a part and get a little messy. Even if it doesn’t turn out like a Vincent Van Gogh or Di Vinci piece, it’s still something you work on as a family.

Build a Pillow Fort

This is a classic, but a good one. You could build a fort using all the cushions from your sofas and chairs and even use a mattress or two. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You could decide that you want to make a more expansive and stretched out fort, or that you want to make one with a lot of height. You could even create to opposing forts, if you have the space, and then have a fun and exciting pillow fight.

Sew and Overlock

There was a time when all children were taught how to do old and traditional crafts like knitting and sewing. You could help to teach your kids how to use a sewing machine or invest in an overlocker machine. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to your kid’s minds, it gets them away from their various screens and technology and is a chance for them to learn a useful and practical skill.

They may even like it, but even if they don’t, at least they know they don’t like it and are not just assuming they don’t like it. As is the case with many kids. There are many things you can do with an overlocker

Bake and Ice an Imaginative and Creative Cake

Baking in itself is a lot of fun, but you could take that simple sponge cake, scones or cupcakes to a whole new level by teaching your kids or learning sugar craft and icing with your kids. Rather than just pouring on a simple glace icing, you could try working with fondant icing and designing characters and interesting pieces to decorate your creations and really make them come to life.

You could make the cake as a special gift for someone in your family, like a sick relative or just someone for a special occasion.

Creative Writing and Making Books

If you all have a flair for putting a story together, you could consider working on a book. It doesn’t have to be anything too convoluted. Often the best stories are those with a simple plot and easy to identify with characters. To really make the story come to life you could also design illustrations to go with it and try printing it out.

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