5 Best Giveaways in Trade Shows

So, you have a big promotional show coming up and the big question is what’s the best way to achieve marketing success by wowing your potential consumer base with giveaway items stashed in Promotional tote bags? Promotional tote bags should jump out to the eyes, not just by the content within, but with logos and colors. Consider well your logo placement, envisioning it on a color field that best compliments it. As a suggestion, popular colors this year are lime green, red and purple. 

Custom tote bags are best used when considering the longevity in spreading the message of your company and its logo. The usefulness of a Custom tote bag as it carries daily objects for its receiver to and fro, back and forth on planet Earth, ensures success in the displaying ability of the Custom bags strapped to the back of that carrier. It’s free advertising on a daily basis simply paying for itself on a high return value, well compensating you on the items placed into the bag. And don’t underestimate the value of attraction when selecting items to go into your companies’ Custom bags. 

First off, consider your Promotional tote bag in terms of how best to have it used often. Gym bags, insulated grocery bags, beach bags, stadium bags, and techie laptop bags all will glean your constant use in front of many a pair of eyes. Next to consider is your material and logo setting. Materials can range from polypropylene, 600 D polyester, cotton, nylon, faux leather to real leather. It’s whatever serves the longevity of your intended message best. Finally, let’s not forget the company logo’s setting. Consider how it’d look embossed, engraved or perhaps embroidered. You want the logo to last as long as the tote bags for maximum and optimum exposure. 

The items in your promotions bags should be hot and trending. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and be sure to place your logo well centered on each and every item. Consider well what it is you’re promoting and how these items will suit your purpose in passing the message along in longevity and perpetual exposure. So here are five hot items that should be on the top of your list for promotional giveaways: 

1. Cinch up backpacks with fun pockets 
2. Stress balls 
3. Stadium cups or travel mugs 
4. Tech useful items like chargers, earphones, portable speakers or USB chips 
5. T-shirts, hats or even blankets 

If you can’t settle on one, and you shouldn’t, then keep it as an exciting grab bag of multi-useful items, each spreading itself with your logo to capture audiences far behind normal advertising reach. Think Oprah Winfrey saying, “And you get a promotional bag, and you get a promotional bag, and you get a promotional bag.” Each person has a voice and the items received should be a hot topic of conversation for weeks. Spread your message without working too hard at it. Use Promotional Tote bags to do it.

When it comes to any trade show you attend as a business, it’s important to stand out. With that being said, make sure you’ve looked into tv rental and laptop rentals for displaying your brand loud and proud at every event opportunity.

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  1. I agree with you that Custom tote bags are the best ways to promote your company’s logo and details. You can customize the print, size, and colors. It is environmentally products so your customers will get impressed by your gift. Thanks for sharing the amazing idea!

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