4 Things to Do to Be a More Eco-Friendly Parent

Choosing to go green for your home and kids can be challenging at the very beginning. Once you have kids, the amount of stuff they use in a day can seem mind boggling. Mostly, you’ll have tons of used diapers that have to be disposed of so frequently, which is not good for the environment. But once you go eco, you begin to see immediate benefits. Those healthy choices you make for your child are not just good for them but are also frugal, suitable for your budget — and the earth. Let’s explore some of the eco-friendly things you can do for your kids.

1. Choose Reusable and Easy to Clean Diapers

Most of the reusable diapers you will encounter are made of either bamboo fibers or cotton. For example, those Eco Pea bamboo diapers you see in your local green store are child and environment-friendly.  They are natural and contain zero chemicals. Then, they do not have any fragrance or latex. Let’s say they are  100 % perfect for your child’s delicate skin due to their breathable composition. Unlike disposable diapers, which take hundreds of years to decompose, these do not generate waste. Besides being the softest and excellent absorbents, you will find it so much easier to clean and reuse. 

2. Go for Second-Hand Stuff for Your Kids

Frankly, kids need loads of stuff to get going. Whether it’s clothes or toys, these can only be helpful for a few months before they outgrow. So, how about adopting a more sustainable option in the form of second-hand.

The good thing about second-hand stuff is that you won’t always have to buy it. You can have those hand-me-downs from your friends and family. If not, then check out those charity shops in your locality.

Besides being frugal, you can resell the same and save of heaps of cash that you would have wasted on new stuff. But mostly as you choose second-hand, the positive trickle-after effect is that there is less of the good quality equipment that would soon languish in a landfill somewhere.

3. Choose Only Healthy Organic Consumables

By now, you already know how unhealthy most processed foods are, especially for your little ones. But now is the time to have the entire family eat more responsibly. It includes saying goodbye to those disposable jars of baby food from the local store.

While the plant and organic-based diets are just good for your kids, they can also be cheaper too. Plus, most plant-based foods taste so good and are good for the environment. In the meantime, you can take advantage of that backyard lying so idle to practice a bit of gardening, including a lovely vegetable patch — it’s a fun way to get both yourself and your baby outside!

Instead, you can now introduce your kids to gardening activities, especially during the summer when they are all free. Let them know the benefits of creating their own fresh and healthy food to sustain themselves and the environment.

4. Frequently Have Quality Family Time in Nature

It can be easy to get stuck indoors, especially with a younger baby. But it’s good to  also put in the effort to be outdoors, which more often does good for your child and the environment. The fresh air they breathe out there is especially great for their lungs. By exposing them early enough, they acclimatize, and their little bodies can begin to fight allergens in the air. Then, of course, the more time you spend out, the more energy-efficient your home becomes.

In Conclusion

Gradual, baby steps are all you need to make the ultimate green change for your home and little ones. The best thing is that any eco step you take leads to healthier and more budget-friendly outcomes, more often than not. From the baby toys, cleaning products, clothes, and food, choosing environmentally-friendly options is always a winning move.

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