4 Spain Shore Excursions You Just Can’t Miss

If you are one of those lucky people who will spend their vacation in Spain, you will visit one of the most beautiful and versatile European countries.

Spain offers everything you want to have from a vacation – beautiful nature, adventurous cities, art, history, gorgeous architecture, food and above all, very kind and friendly locals.

This is a vast country that has both sea and ocean shores, and in between, there are numerous cities and smaller towns, a dessert, and mountains.

Most people are always heading for the shores (Costa Brava mostly). The shore cities have it all from the great beaches, nightlife, museums, and parks, to affordable stores and restaurants.

If you are looking for itinerary ideas, let me help you with my top four shore excursions.

1. Barcelona – The first choice for millions of tourists, Barcelona is a must-see. If you are going there with a cruiser, and your time is limited, the best idea is to book a tour with professional tour guides. They will organize your time, and you will get to see the most famous landmarks, museums, and parks. Sagrada Familia, Montjuic, La Rambla street and Gaudi House are just a few of the famous places that you should not miss. Your tour guide

will help you get to all areas on time, without waiting in lines. Besides that, organized tours are a great idea for you to see all the shore, not only the city.

2. Salvador Dali Museum – If you stay longer in Barcelona, make sure you organize your time so you can visit the Dali Museum. It’s located in Figueres, just about an hour or so driving from the city. The town is famous because of the museum, which is a world on its own; here you can see some of the most magnificent installations and paintings of the great artists. Check the opening hours here and book your tickets online so you can save time and money. Figueres itself is small, and you can see it within an hour.

3. Malaga – Malaga is a gorgeous city and top-rated shore destination in Spain. Located on the very south of Spain, this is the hometown of Pablo Picasso and a city with a rich history. If you are a fan of good architecture, plenty of sunshine and art, this is the place to go. Caminito del Rey is one of the most popular destinations (it is a track of five miles that was re-opened about four years ago). It was built in 1901 and is famous because of its extraordinary narrowness. It got its name when King Alfonso XIII crossed it on the day of the opening of a new dam. Shortly after, the path started collapsing. Besides that, from Malaga, you can quickly get to Gibraltar (this famous rock offers a glorious view of another continent (this is the shortest distance between Europe and Africa).

4. Adventurous kayaking or snorkeling along Costa Brava – For all of you adrenaline seekers, who would rather spend the day snorkeling, swimming or kayaking, Spain offers excellent options. Book your tour and get to swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, far away from the busy and popular beaches. The underwater world of Costa Brava is a hidden gem that hides sea caves and one of a kind fish. Kayaking is another way to challenge yourself and have a vacation to remember. These tours usually last from six to eight hours, so get ready for a full-day adventure. If you are traveling with a cruiser, make sure you book a tour that guarantees to return you to the port on time.

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