4 Reasons Why You Should Create a Family Website

4 Reasons Why You Should Create a Family WebsiteIs your family big? Do you live far away from your relatives? Would you like to have a private space online where to share photos, information, and thoughts with your most precious people? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ you already have reasons to create a family website. Go about this right and you’ll be able to use the power of the Internet to bond and strengthen family ties.

4 Reasons to Create a Family Website Today

1.      Keep the family connected

The most important reason to have a website for your family is to stay in touch no matter where you are. This is a particularly great way to have your kids involved in communicating with their relatives. In essence, the website can become your personal alternative to social media, albeit much safer, with no cyberbullying and other risks of ‘hanging out’ online.

The website will also become a great platform for sharing personal videos and photos. This will once again save you the risks of posting those things on social networks. However, bear in mind that although more secure than a social media account, your website is still vulnerable. To be sure that your information stays safe, you’ll need to use specialized security plugins, like Defender Security. You’ll also need to protect your website with a password to make it as private as anything can get online today. And don’t forget to choose a reliable host as attacks coming from your server ‘neighbors’ are quite common. To do that you’ll need to look up some independent hosting reviews.

2.      Teach your kids online safety and web design

Use working on the family website as a learning experience for children. All of them will be able to learn how exactly online security works and what they should do to protect themselves on the Web.

However, you can also develop their other talents. Teach the basics of web design by getting them to create their own pages. You can also have them create graphics, process images and videos in different formats, etc.

3.      Build a family business for side-income

When you create a family website you don’t have to make it private. There’s always an opportunity to monetize it by running a blog. With the whole family involved, you can cover several topics to attract wider readership. This will also help keep your blog filled with content.

There are also traditional methods of website monetization, like eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and hosting ads. This will also be a good learning opportunity for children who will be able to make money and train in digital marketing. This kind of ‘side-income’ can be directed to the family emergency fund.

4.      Immortalize your family

Old family pictures and your great-grandmother’s papers will all wither or get lost. However, creating a family website allows you to keep your history safe. In fact, family tree-styled websites with a page for every member are very popular nowadays.

This kind of historical data repository will help all your kids in their future school projects related to genealogy.

5 Important Plugins for a WordPress Family Website

If you decide to create a family website using WordPress, which is the most popular platform today, you can enhance it by using specialized plugins:

  1. Rootpersona allows creating family trees using GEDCOM
  2. Events Planner makes arranging reunions and family celebrations easy.
  3. bbPress adds a forum for easy family discussions.
  4. Smush is needed for quick and effective WP image optimization.
  5. WonderPlugin enables quick and simple embedding of videos to WordPress pages.

No matter whether you choose to create a family website to share private info with your relatives or to create a joint family business, these plugins will make the management of the page easier. The best thing is that you don’t even need to be proficient in coding to use them.

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