4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Looking into Cosmetic Surgery

You’ve been thinking about contacting a cosmetic surgeon and having some type of work done. It could be a relatively minor procedure or it could be more involved. Before you make that call to someone like Dr.Zakhary, plastic surgeon in Calgary, Alberta, take a moment and ask yourself a few questions. Since the surgeon will likely include these in the initial consultation, you’ll have your answers ready.

What Sort of Work Am I Considering?

What is it that you would like to change? Perhaps you’d like to get rid of the crow’s feet around your eyes or do something about laugh lines. Maybe you’d like get rid of some of the wrinkles that you’ve noticed lately. It could be that you would like to do something about the shape of the chin or make a change in the shape or size of the nose. Understanding what you want to change will establish a starting point for the consultation with the surgeon.

What’s My Motivation?

Have you given much thought to why you want to undergo a procedure? It’s fine to begin with the thought that you want to change something that you don’t like, but delve a little deeper. Why do you not like that particular feature of your face? Do you believe that making the change will benefit you in some way?

These questions matter because they help to identify what your expectations happen to be. During the consultation, the surgeon will seek to ensure that you understand what the procedure can and can’t do for you. Knowing what you want to get out of the surgery will make it easier to determine if the benefits are enough to satisfy you.

Am I Healthy Enough for Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is not something that’s offered just because a patient wants it. As a medical professional, the surgeon will evaluate the state of your health before agreeing to perform any procedure. It’s a good idea if you conduct your own assessment before scheduling the consultation.

Take into consideration any ongoing health issues that you have. That includes chronic conditions like cardiovascular issues or some form of diabetes. The goal is to determine what, if any, impact your condition would have on the surgery.

Keep in mind that having a chronic condition does not automatically exclude you from having a cosmetic procedure. It may be that some special planning is needed to lower the risk to you. By being transparent about your health, it’s easier for the surgeon to determine if you are a candidate and what safeguards are necessary.

Can I Afford It?

Unless you’ve been in some sort of accident and need procedures that will help restore your appearance, the surgery is unlikely to be covered by insurance. That means you will have to pay for it out of pocket. Before you schedule the consultation, do some research and get an idea of how much the work is likely to cost. Use that figure to determine how you would pay for the procedure. It could be that looking into a loan that will cover the cost would work well for you.

Once you have your answers, visit and contact the surgeon about arranging a consultation. After you find out exactly what’s involved and what type of results you can expect, it will be easier to make your decision.

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