4 Nightmares You Can Run Into With A New Home

So you have moved into what you thought of as your dream home, however, a few issues have cropped up. You really need to make sure that before you buy a home and move into it that it doesn’t contain any hidden nasties. However, everyone makes mistakes and if you have moved into a property with problems then there are ways to fix them. 

Take a look at 4 common problems that can occur after you move. 

Security Issue

When you move into a new home you must change the locks on all the doors. If someone who lived there previously kept hold of a set of keys then there is nothing stopping them from wandering into your home. They may not be very nice people and while you are out of the house then some of your belongings could go missing. Your insurance company may be reluctant to help you out as you didn’t change the locks when you moved in. 

Call out a locksmith to help you with this or do it yourself. If you want to save some money then doing it yourself isn’t that complicated. If you are not sure how to do it there are videos available to watch online that will show you step by step how to do it. 


When you buy a house it is a good idea to send out a building surveyor to check the building over for any structural damage or hidden areas that need to be repaired. If you wanted to move into a fixer-upper then you definitely would have. It isn’t fair that the sellers didn’t carry out the repairs before selling you that house but it can’t be helped now. 

Find out what repairs need doing and make your way through them, hopefully, they are not too major and don’t cost you the earth. Unfortunately, they may have been caused by pests in your home. If this is the case then contact a pest control service that can help you eradicate the problem.  


There is nothing stopping sellers from leaving all their junk in the home you move into. This happens more often than not and it is up to you, the buyers, to clean up. There have been cases where sellers have left everything in the home without telling the realtor or the buyers. This can be expensive for you to get rid of, as more often than not you will need to hire a skip to get rid of everything. 

Unfortunately, mess and dirt can attract mice and rats, this is the last thing you want in your home so it is something that needs to be sorted right away. 


Finally, something that isn’t usually anyone’s fault is an issue with the heating or electrics within your home. Before you move in you should check that everything is working as it should be, invest in some decent light bulbs in case the sellers took theirs with them. The only thing you can do regarding this is call in the gas man to check the boiler and replace it if needs be. 

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