4 Methods for Spotting Bad Cannabis Seeds: Why You Need a Reputable Provider

Growing cannabis is a pastime for many. With more and more states legalizing cannabis, additional growers are honing their skills. One of the biggest problems cannabis growers face is getting bad seeds. When the cannabis seeds are not healthy, the cannabis plants will not grow to their full potential. Finding a reputable cannabis seed provider like is essential for healthy plants.

Why Is Healthy Seed So Important?

Many growers do not realize the quality of their cannabis crops is determined before they even start the planting process. Healthy seeds are essential for good plant health. Looking for wholesale marijuana seeds is essential for ensuring a healthy crop of cannabis.

If the starting Pluto Seeds are of poor quality, growers are more likely to end up with a lackluster crop. It is imperative new growers understand the methods they can use for spotting bad cannabis seeds so they do not make a bad purchase they later regret.

4 Methods of Spotting Bad Cannabis Seeds

No matter the type of plant, the seed is highly important. It contains all the DNA information that is needed to grow a mature plant. If the seed is unhealthy or of poor quality, a grower will end up wasting hours upon hours nurturing a plant that will never flourish. The following offers information on some methods growers can use to spot bad seeds right away.

Sight Test

One of the best ways of determining marijuana seed health is the sight test. Sometimes, individuals can tell if a seed is bad with their eyes. Seeds that are pale, dull, cracked, and mildewy are likely not to grow properly or at all. It is important to look at the seed closely to determine its viability.

Touch Test

Before purchasing cannabis seeds, it is also important to touch them. Putting a seed between the thumb and index finger and placing slight pressure on it can reveal the health of the seed. If the seed cracks under the slightest pressure, it should be tossed.

Water Test

There is also a test that involves water. This test works on all types of seeds, not just cannabis. Get a glass of warm water and put the seeds in it. After one to two hours, bad seeds will float to the top of the glass and should be thrown away.

Germination Test

Finally, one of the most effective ways to test a cannabis seed is germination. If a seed is good, it will germinate. An unhealthy or damaged seed is not going to germinate properly and should be avoided.

Buy Good Seeds Every Time

To ensure a grower has access to the very best cannabis seeds, it is imperative they rely on a trusted provider. A trusted provider offers only the best seeds possible to their customers, ensuring each seed will grow into a healthy and mature cannabis plant. By working with professional providers, growers will not have to worry about getting bad seeds.


Growing cannabis is a fun pastime that is highly rewarding. Because growing a great crop of cannabis takes a lot of work, it is essential individuals are sure their seeds will produce healthy crops. No grower wants to waste weeks attempting to grow cannabis plants only to find out their crops were doomed from the very beginning.

With the right seeds, growers can experience a beautiful crop with bountiful buds. Make sure to follow the above tips when purchasing cannabis seeds to ensure a healthy crop.

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