4 Essential Supplies to Keep on Hand During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Along with social distancing, choosing to do everything that you can to avoid contact with the COVID-19 virus is a smart move. While some people have relatively easy symptoms, others experience extreme symptoms that take a long to fade. Along with not getting the virus yourself, you also want to avoid spreading it to others. By choosing to purchase and make good use of the following, you can do your share to help bring the pandemic under control.

Hand Sanitizer

Keeping the hands clean is a must. Along with washing your hands often, you also want to keep some hand sanitizer on hand. Opting for a quality product like ApexLab sanitizers will work well. The ingredients help to kill germs while also being gentler to the skin than some of the other products on the market today. Since you will be using the sanitizer often, it makes sense to go with something that won’t leave the skin dry and irritated.

Disposable Gloves

There are times when you need to be out. Trips to the supermarket, the pharmacy, and other essential destinations require taking extra precautions. Disposable gloves is one of the ways that you can protect yourself as well as Nitrile Gloves.

The trick is to discard the gloves after you’ve touched different types of surfaces. For example, wear a pair to the supermarket and keep them on as you select canned goods and other foods. Continue to wear them as you check out at the register, you could also use Unigloves. Once the groceries are loaded into the vehicle, remove the gloves. Remember that if you run another errand before returning home, put on a fresh pair.


Wipes are also a good product to keep on hand. They can be used to disinfect surfaces around the home. You can also keep wipes in the vehicle and use them to wipe down steering wheels and other surfaces. Check the ingredients found in the wipes and make sure they’re safe for use on specific materials before applying them to any surface.

Disposable Face Masks

There’s no doubt that you need to wear a face mask. In fact, the greatest level of protection from the virus is for everyone to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from one another. Your mask prevents others from being exposed to any droplets that you emit when sneezing or talking. Their masks prevent you from being exposed.

While you could make your own reusable masks, why not purchase disposable ones? It’s possible to find a design for an ApexLab face mask that’s the right size and provides coverage for your nose and mouth. Keep a few extra in the car just in case. Remember that you can get rid each mask after finishing with whatever needed your attention outside of the house.

Taking reasonable precautions is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and for those around you. Stock up on these four products and use them regularly. While doing so may be somewhat inconvenient, the trouble is much better than finding yourself in a hospital bed and possibly on a ventilator.

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