4 Dating Tips From Women’s Relationship Coach, Author, and Blogger Evan Marc Katz

Good relationships are a dime a dozen. It can be hard to find lasting love, which is why you need to listen to women’s relationship coach, author, and blogger Evan Marc Katz.

He has vast coaching experience, having helped many women build lasting relationships with their men. You can be just like them as long as you follow these four tips:

Chemistry is Important in Dating, But It’s Temporary and Often Dangerous

As the dating coach for smart, strong, successful women, Evan Marc Katz often encounters questions about chemistry.

Take the case of TJ. She met a nice guy, but she feels ‘no chemistry’ towards him.

In his Love U (Pyramid of Love) site, he explained how chemistry is more like an illusion. In fact, he says that “Chemistry allows you to sweep under the rug the fact that your partner is selfish or crazy.”

It’s dangerous because it makes people act like they’re shooting drugs. Because of this euphoric feeling, they choose to ignore their other half’s bad qualities.

More importantly, chemistry is only temporary. When you start dating, you see butterflies and whatnot. But after 1.5 to 3 years in the relationship, it weans off. At this time, you’ll see the other person more clearly.

What the best dating coach—Evan Marc Katz—means is this: a marriage with a 10 in chemistry and 3 for compatibility is a nightmare waiting to happen.

A 7 in chemistry and a 10 in compatibility, on the other hand, make for a happily married couple.

That said, women like you can still enjoy relationships even if you’re not obsessed with your other half. Passion can quickly fade in 18 months. The reality of love sets in when you start building your lives together.

To All Successful Women: No, You Don’t Have a ‘Broken Man Picker’

Most women often find themselves wondering: do their own judgment lead them to bad relationships? Will they ever find love since they usually pick the wrong guys?

According to Evan Marc Katz, dating coach and founder of ‘Love U podcast,’ it’s not exactly the case. These ladies don’t attract the wrong men—they accept them.

Picture this: If you have been in a five-year relationship with a verbally abusive man, it’s because you have accepted him.

What the relationship coaching expert is trying to say is you should stop accepting these men. Don’t exert much effort on a man who doesn’t deserve you.

You can’t change a liar, cheater, or abusive partner.

Again, this all boils down to chemistry. It’s not powerful enough to transform your guy into a better person.

In other words, don’t settle for a man who doesn’t deserve you. You’ll eventually find the right guy out there, but you need to let go of the wrong one.


Dating Sites Work!

Many ladies stay away from online dating because they believe that guys here are just after sex. Granted that many of them are, there’s still a big chance that you’ll find the man of your dreams here.

One way to do so is to improve your online profile. If you don’t know how to do so, companies like E-Cyrano can help you with the process.

It’s also important to upload the right pictures. For best results, upload five images. As for your headshot, make sure you’re smiling and looking straight at the camera.

You Can Have a Flourishing Love Life Even as a Single Mom

As a personal trainer, Evan coaches many clients—single, married, and everybody else in between.

As such, he knows how challenging dating is. More so, he acknowledges the fact that it’s harder for a woman with children.

That said, dating coach Evan Marc Katz can help you discover the joys of dating even as a single parent.

Similar Poles Attract

For other women, opposites attract. But when it comes to single parents, it’s best to go out with someone who understands your predicament—that is, another single parent. They know how hard it is to rear kids, especially when you’re all alone.

(Over) Communication is Important

Communication is essential, as you’ll see in every published dating advice on USA Today or Time Magazine. But when it comes to single parents, overcommunicating is vital.

It’s important to understand what your date feels. Likewise, it’s just as essential that your other half understands what you think.

This is the best way to avoid conflict, as the Love U podcaster explains in this video.

Stand Up to Your Kids

Say you fall head over heels with an intelligent, caring person. You think he’s the one, but your kids won’t let you go out with him again.

While you love your kids, you don’t necessarily have to listen to them. In fact, you need to stand up to them at times. Don’t let the possibility of a second date pass just because your offspring is stopping you.

Yes, you can meet the man of your dreams even if you often pick ‘broken men.’ It’s just a matter of following Coach Evan’s relationship advice.

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