3 Tips for After Childbirth

When you have recently had a baby, you may be wondering how to fit everything into your day while looking after your infant. In addition to this, you might also have some concerns regarding how to get back your figure from before pregnancy. While this may not be a high priority, it could still be important to make you feel a bit better about how you look. Making some plans about how what you will do moving forward could allow you to feel more in control of the situation, even if events do need to change later on.

Your stomach may have changed dramatically after having a child. This could range from stretch marks, which may be minor or quite obvious, to having a bit of a belly pouch that may refuse to go away. Having a tummy tuck could be a viable option to allow you to get rid of any bulge and make you feel more confident. You could opt to have this done alongside other surgeries to try and get back your pre-pregnancy figure. Usually, a tummy tuck may take around 2 or 3 hours, and you could be fully recovered in as little as 8 weeks. Due to this, you might want some extra support with looking after your child during this time.

It can also be a good idea to keep an eye on your moods after having a baby. While some stress and challenging emotions may be normal as you get used to your new role, others may signify the onset of post-natal depression. This can be a fairly normal complication after childbirth, but may not occur immediately. Approximately 10% of new mothers find that they struggle to complete their normal, everyday tasks, or even bond with their baby, at some point in those first 12 months. Speaking to your family, and gaining support from a doctor or health visitor, could help you to get through these emotional difficulties.

While there may be a number of things that you need to get done each day, you should also try and make time for rest. Creating a new life, bringing them into the world, and then looking after their basic needs, can all be incredibly tiring. On top of that, you may also have other children to look after, work to complete, and household chores to do. Some women find that to avoid complete burnout, they need to utilise their baby’s naps. Sleeping when your baby sleeps could allow you to gain a bit of extra energy, and even aid with keeping negative thoughts at bay. Gaining help from family, or even trusted people in the community, could also offer you a bit more time to rest.

After childbirth, there may be a number of things that you want to think about. Trying to regain your figure, adequately look after your child, and keep on top of your health may seem overwhelming. By considering plans beforehand, and acknowledging when you need a bit of extra support, they may all be feasible.

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