3 Things You Will Enjoy More If You Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ you have. It just so happens that you wear it on the outside of your body. That’s where most of the bad stuff happens. That should give you some indication of just how resilient the skin is to abuse. Just imagine how bad things would get if we wore our liver, heart, or lungs on the outside. Life expectancy would be reduced to minutes as opposed to decades.

The environment is not particularly kind to skin. Almost everything on the planet is bad for our skin. We can’t live without the sun. But it is the number one cause of skin cancer. Water will, quite ironically, dry us out. Those long, hot, luxurious showers are killing your skin. You are going to have to dial them back quite a bit. Taking long and interesting nature walks means you get scraped and prodded with trees, limbs, brambles, insects. Then comes the scratching. No one would treat their pancreas that way. But we treat our skin that way all the time.

One of the consequences of treating your skin in that manner is you will find yourself enjoying certain aspects of life quite a bit less than you would were your skin smooth, supple, and the picture of health and beauty. Here are three:

Beach Days

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a beach town. If you happen to be one of them, you have a lot more opportunities for beach days than others. You already know the routine. You have your sunscreen near to hand. And you have a few bottles of your favorite daily moisturizers at the ready. Another day of paradise is calling.

But if your skin isn’t up to the challenge, you won’t be answering that call quite as much. Dry, peeling, flaky skin is quite visible to the naked eye. In a two-piece bathing suit, there are very few places for it to hide. No one will say anything about it. But you will feel rather self-conscious. You go from a two-piece to a solo. You add a large towel and shawl to cover the rest. Pretty soon, you are having a lot fewer beach days. You can turn all that around with a little effort. But ignoring it only makes it worse. The beach is calling. Get your skin ready to answer.

Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully is a lot harder to do when you don’t take care of those essential body parts. No one expects you to look in your 50s like you did in your 20s. Then again, there is no reason to look like you are in your 80s when you won’t be getting there for another 30 years. The key factor when it comes to aging gracefully is your skin.

Aging is not something to be feared. Those who do it gracefully and well are held in high esteem. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. You will not appreciate how much irreparable damage it has done until you get a little older. If you treat your skin well when you are young, your older self will thank you profusely.


One of the most sensual things you can do with another person is giving and receiving touch. Cuddling is touch writ large. Unfortunately, it is not something you or your partner will enjoy much if your skin is rough, dry, and otherwise damaged due to neglect.

The easiest way to rekindle your sex life is to be highly touchable. The language of intimacy is spoken through touch. Loving touch excels where words fail. Cuddle time will be longer and more rewarding when you love your skin as much as you love your partner.

At the end of the day, what you should take away is how important it is to take the best possible care of your skin. If you do, beach days, aging with grace, and intimacy will all be better. You will never feel great about how you look until you love how your skin looks and feels.

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