3 Things Where Only the Best Will Do

Frugal doesn’t mean cheap. It means smart with money. Sometimes, the smartest thing you can do with your money is to spend it generously on things that really matter. The key is knowing which things really matter vs. those things that really don’t. That can be a tough decision to make in the moment because to some degree, all purchases are emotional.

That designer blouse looks oh, so cute. But is it really the smartest use of your money? The store two doors down that doesn’t feature name-brands has a similar looking blouse minus the designer logo and the designer price that goes with it. Getting the less expensive blouse is not being cheap. It is being smart. That is a clear-cut decision that is easy to make. Too bad not all purchasing decisions are that easy.

Consumer electronics can be a real minefield for purchasers. It can be hard to know what items are worth the price. One can get a computer with monitor and speakers for less than $300. But should they? As a general rule, you should avoid the cheapest computer because there is a good reason it is so cheap, in fact, several. But some things are not only worth the price, they are worth stepping up to the more expensive model. Here are a few things on which you should never skimp:

Health-Related Items

It goes without saying that your baby’s health is important. It needs to be said that yours is equally important. Without you, your baby does not have you as her mother. So you have to make the healthy choices that ensure you are there for your baby – not just present, but engaged to the fullest. That means you need the best personalized vitamins money can buy. This is not the place to pinch pennies. Your health is vital. If you are constantly sick, tired, lethargic, or otherwise inattentive because of vitamin deficiencies, your baby will suffer even more than you.

When you have a small child, you have to focus on minimizing risks. Wear a mask to minimize the risk of catching or transmitting the coronavirus. Reduce carbs to minimize the risk of diabetes and obesity. Taking a well-curated series of vitamins is just another way of minimizing the risks associated with a less than perfect diet. When it comes to vitamins, food, and health-related items, don’t count the pennies, count the benefits. And spend accordingly.

Digital Cameras

How important are baby pictures to you? One of the biggest motivating factors for purchasing a new camera is a new baby on the way. If you want to preserve every special moment of your baby’s development, you need the best photo you can take. If you are not a professional photographer, you need a smart camera to make all the right adjustments in a fraction of a second. The only thing you should worry about is pointing and shooting. For that, you need a good, digital camera.

For many, the camera is still the only smartphone feature that matters. The reason is that the smartphone is the best, if not only camera many people have. So it has to be good. The smartphone doesn’t have to be great at displaying TV and movies because we have other screens for that. But it is the device that will capture baby’s first step. And that will only happen once.

Vehicle Safety

You are no more or less human than any other mother who has been in a traffic accident with her baby on board. It can happen to you. And you need to spend whatever it takes to be sure that you and your baby can survive an accident. That starts with choosing a vehicle with the best safety features, not the one that can do 0 to 60 in the fastest time. From there, you need the most reliable safety accessories like car seats and adjustable seatbelts. The right safety features save lives. You can’t put a price on that.

Being frugal means being smart with your money, even when that means spending a lot of it. Make no compromises when it comes to health-related products, digital cameras, and vehicle safety.

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