3 Spooktacularly Clever Ways to Help Your Young Child Enjoy Halloween

As far as most children understand, Halloween is all about dressing up and candy. But younger children may not always enjoy the spooky sights and sounds that accompany the holiday. As younger kids are still impressionable and have a hard time distinguishing between reality and fantasy, a negative Halloween experience could trigger nightmares and anxieties that could last a pretty long time.

Here are some ways to ensure your child is able to better understand and enjoy Halloween.

Explain the origins of Halloween to them

Explaining the origins and traditions behind Halloween can do a lot to demystify the scary sights and sounds that surround your neighborhood each Halloween.

Explanations should be couched in terms that younger children can understand. Few of them will be able to absorb the real history of Halloween, as even some adults may even find that complex themselves. You can explain that a long time ago people started a day where everyone can play pretend on one special night.

As they get older, you can start filling in more details when appropriate. When done correctly, this can also help plant the seeds for curiosity and a love of history that will continue to benefit your child their whole lives.

Make your own Halloween décor and costumes with your child.

There are a few reasons to go DIY with some of your Halloween decorations and costumes rather than buy all of them from the store. First, making your own costumes and décor can spark your child’s creativity and give them a sense of accomplishment. Second, the act of making these Halloween staples can also help your child better understand the differences between pretend and reality. This experience is especially important for young children who could easily be traumatized by spooky Halloween imagery. Lastly, the bonding opportunities that arise from doing these unique activities together are sure to provide memories that both you and your child will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Give them a Halloween coloring book.

Coloring books have recently experienced a surge in popularity, thanks to the numerous benefits they have for both children and adults. In children, coloring can help improve motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Themed coloring books can also be invaluable teaching tools for helping kids know more about day-to-day life and special events like Halloween.

And what better way for your child to learn about the holiday than with this free printable Halloween coloring book by Carrot Ink?

This free Halloween coloring book comes with 10 printable sheets, each with a different age-appropriate Halloween-themed subject. You kids will love the witch, zombie, mummy, ghost, and jack-o-lantern that make their frighteningly fun appearances in this free coloring book. There are also sheets that say “Trick or Treat” and “Happy Halloween” to help your kids get a head start on their reading.

With Halloween only a few days away, you’ll find this coloring book to be a great way to help your child learn more about the holiday’s time-honored traditions.

We hope you have as much fun coloring this printable Halloween coloring book as we did!


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