3 Reasons to Simply Love Jumping Castles

Every loving parent wants to be able to give their kid a birthday to remember every single year that special day comes around. Planning a fun party for your kid’s birthday or another special occasion can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be understandably stressful on parents that are on a budget.

 One of the latest crazes among parents in their event-planning is booking bouncing castles for their child’s birthday party, or any other event where children will be present. The kids love it, and being able to find jumping castle hire that is friendly, quick, and accommodating makes it a convenient, viable option for frugal families.

What’s A Jumping Castle?

If you’ve never heard of jumping castles before, you may know them better as ‘bouncy houses’ or ‘bouncing castles’. That is, you likely have seen one before, but they may be referred to differently depending on the company or brand renting them out for bookings.

One of the most exciting aspects parents report of bounce house rentals are how they can all but transform any event into one of identical caliber to your favorite county fair or amusement park. By renting instead of buying, you are able to get the fun without the hefty fees. Not to mention, the look on the children’s’ faces is priceless. But there are more reasons to simply love booking a bouncy castle for your own special occasion. Read on to learn more about them below.

 They Can Often Be Customizable to Fit Party Themes!

 Gone are the days where bouncy houses are just your standard tri-colored products for amusement. Many companies that rent out or sell jumping structures now are able to offer a variety of bouncing castles that vary in color, style, design, size, and more.

 This works wonderfully for themed parties or those that are catering to the specific interests of your child or those of a certain age group. Is your daughter still obsessed with the movie Frozen? Then you’re in luck – you may just be able to find a jumping castle that is perfectly Frozen-themed!

 Companies that offer bouncy toys designed around Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, and other cartoon themes are growing in number. It is actually less common for them not to carry them these days.

 They Get the Kids Outside and Having Fun

 If you’re a parent reading this, you likely do not need to be reminded of how difficult it can occasionally be to get your kids active and actually interested in the outdoors. Many parents of younger children have found that booking a bouncing house has worked wonders in ensuring that kids are able to find some amusement outside.

 Stealthily planning to set other event activities outdoors as well is another way to get that intake of fresh air guaranteed. And with the jumping castles, you don’t have to even persuade your kids to venture outside – they will hit the grass running!

 They Promote Social Activity Between the Kids

 Particularly if you or others are competing with phones or other electronic devices for a child’s attention, jumping structures give children an opportunity to engage with one another. It creates a talking point, as well as an environment where everyone is having fun laughing, squealing, or seeing how high each other can jump (monitor this, but let them have their fun!)

 Some kids have a harder time talking to other children than others, so having this activity to band them all together can be rewarding and helpful for those that struggle to reach out on their own. This allows you to give a very subtle nudge for participation and social activity between the kids without being the obvious, overbearing parent or embarrassing anyone.

 Plus, it is an activity most everyone can enjoy – including the adults tasked with supervising. Watching the kids jump, you will likely find a grin spreading across your own face. After all,  there is almost nothing more rewarding than being able to witness unadulterated joy emanating from your child. Their happiness can very comfortably become your happiness too.

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