3 Furniture Cleaning Tips That You May Not Have Tried Before

Cleaning is an essential part of one’s life, as nobody likes to live in a filthy place. We thus strive to clean up our house, rooms, and even our bodies to remain as comfortable and clean as we can be. When it comes to cleaning stuff in our houses, it is safe to say that couches, tables, or furniture, in general, is bound to get the most dirt, especially in a house that has kids. Cleaning can then turn out to be quite a hassle, as one has to keep up with every single mess made. It gets a whole lot more frustrating especially when one is not sure about how to clean a particular mess. Below are a couple of tips you can use to make furniture cleaning easier.


It is a really simple way of cleaning your furniture but it is often ignored or disregarded. While vacuuming your floors and carpet make sure to vacuum your furniture as well, especially when it comes to sofas. Remember to clean under the cushion and along the corners to get the little bits and pieces that may be stuck in your seat. This will ensure that all your furniture is squeaky clean and clear from dust, which would otherwise be pretty difficult to get rid of. While doing furniture cleaning, however, it is best to consider using a backpack vacuum cleaner. The main advantage of trying backpack vacuum cleaning is the fact that this is used for more efficient and convenient cleaning. Some reasons supporting this is the fact that backpack vacuums are pretty light, quiet and will grant you so much more flexibility.

2.Clean up spills immediately

The moment you spill something on your furniture, it is best not to wait but to clean up the stain immediately. Doing this will help to ensure that none of those spills cause a permanent stain on your furniture, which is quite unsightly. You can use detergent where appropriate or dish washing liquid. You can also read up on various tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that the area is left clean without any foul odors or discoloration, depending on the type of material of your furniture. Whatever the case, always clean up stains as soon as possible.

3.Hiring a professional cleaner

It is definitely quite noble to do all the house cleaning by yourself, but sometimes it is much better to consider getting the services of a professional cleaner. You can do this maybe once a month, where you can ask them to carry out some form of spring cleaning. They will clean up your furniture in the living room and also in the bedroom, in addition to scrubbing kitchen tiles and counter tops. It is during those times when you feel that the entire house needs some cleaning that you can hire these professionals who will do an excellent job. On the other days, you may do the cleaning yourself.

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  1. Thanks for telling me to immediately clean any spills to prevent them from causing any permanent stains. Unfortunately, our furniture upholstery had been a victim of my children’s liquid toys (sometimes juices) and we want to have them cleaned and restored to their previous condition. It might be a good idea to look for professionals in handling these furniture pieces and see how much it would cost.

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