3 Cheap And Fun Family Vacations

3 Cheap And Fun Family VacationsWho in their right mind doesn’t like vacations? For many of us, being able to get away from it all is the main reason we go to work. Dropping all schedules and responsibilities and going somewhere you’ve never been is one of the most relaxing things anyone can do. The only downside; money! Great trips can be expensive, but even if the budget’s tight you can still have some wonderful trips with the family. Here are a few affordable ideas.

One idea you could try is what’s called local tourism. Thousands if not millions of us live in a place that’s surrounded by fascinating tourist attractions, and yet never visit them. The amount of New Yorkers who have never been to Liberty Island is pretty staggering as it is. Now that you’re thinking about it, when was the last time you visited a local tourist spot? It may not be the most exotic idea in the world, but almost everyone can find something worth visiting practically on their doorstep. Get onto Google, and have a browse of some local points of interest. Once you’ve got something for everyone, plan out a route which passes all of them. Even if you need to get out of town somewhat, you’ll probably be able to find an affordable b and b to see you through.


Another great idea is visiting some national parks. This is not only very affordable, but will take you past some truly stunning areas of natural beauty and historical intrigue. Camping per night in national parks often costs as little as $15 a pitch. Or, if you’ve never been a fan of sleeping in tents, you can probably find some air stream trailers and motorhomes which are within the budget. When you’re using either of these options for accommodation, your food bill is pretty much dictated by what you want to cook yourself, which also makes it flexible in terms of budget. Of course, you and your spouse might love getting out in nature. However, one or two breath-taking sights is often more than enough for your kids. Fortunately though, there are usually some more family-friendly attractions within the area of a national park.

3 Cheap And Fun Family Vacations

Finally, last-minute cruises. Okay, the word “cruise” may make your wallet shrivel in terror. However, booking a cruise through a last-minute booking site can knock a massive amount off of your overall bill. No sea line that hopes to stay afloat (pun intended) is going to let a ship leave with half of its cabins unfilled. As a result, you’ll find a lot that offer incredible bargains. Great sea food, exotic Caribbean islands and so on may be easier to reach than you think! If you can’t find any last-minute deals, then try booking one well in advance instead. This is another great money-saving tactic, though a lot of people are completely unaware of it. Just like flights, when cruise tickets are first posted they start low and steadily rise. The real challenge is finding a decent cruise that allows kids!

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