3 Awesome Family Activities for A Weekend at Home

We work hard all week to get to the weekend, parents and children. Dreams of trips to the beach and seaside, exploring local art galleries, science exhibitions and museums, playing ball and catching Frisbees at the park or just simply checking out the latest family blockbuster at the local multiplex cinema. However, not all weekends can be spent doing things like that. Some of those activities and the inclement weather we often have do not mix well.

On the weekends when you’re not able to get out and about with the family, you’re left to do things within the confines of your own home. On those occasions, do you find yourself getting caught up on housework, while the kids get lost in their tablets, computers or games consoles? Perhaps the day just slips you by? Well, instead of doing what you always do, why not try something a bit different? Like what, we hear you say?

Well, we’ve decided to be kind and give you a head start with some ideas for making the most of weekends spent at home. Rather than just binge-watching Danish, Norwegian and Swedish crime dramas on Netflix, while the kids play Fortnite, check out these 3 awesome activities that the whole family can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

1. Put on a Play in Your Back Garden

This might be a bit out there for some of you reading this, but why not give your children the chance to shine in the spotlight by putting on a family play. The great thing about this idea is that it is not very restrictive, and you have the freedom to be as detailed or as simple as you want. You may want to adapt a famous nursery rhyme, story or fairy tell or perhaps even an original story that you all write together.

Like we say, be as detailed or simplistic as you want. Design costumes, props and even tickets (particularly if you’re planning on inviting other relatives and friends to watch the performance). As well as encouraging you to work together as a team, it will also give you plenty of opportunity to take some family photos and you could even film the performance.

2. Design Your Own T-Shirts, Mugs and Other Items

What better way of spending some quality time together as a family than not only making things that you all could benefit from, but that you could potentially sell as well? That’s what could be possible if you invested in a t shirt heat press machine and you had a go at making anything from custom t-shirts to mugs, posters and other items.

Sure, you could start by making t-shirts, mugs and other items for each other, but if you get the hang of it, you may be able to have a side income selling your wares online. Etsy and other sites like it are the perfect platforms for selling those kinds of items.

3. Build an Obstacle Course in Your Back Garden

Who says you need to go to the local park to have a fun and active day? If you have a big enough back garden, you could consider building your own obstacle course. It doesn’t need to look like anything particularly fancy and you could (safely) incorporate bits and pieces from around the house to create the different obstacles.

Try to make it as intricate and varied as possible. You could, for instance, have a station where you must put on different layers of clothing, one where you must sit down and stand up from a series of chairs as rapidly as you’re able to and so on. Sure, lay out some netting to crawl under, a slide, if you have one suitable for all members of the family and other jumping and climbing obstacles. Remember the aim is to make it fun.

Then when it has been fully assembled and laid out, time each member of the family three times and whoever gets the quickest time on average from the three is the winner. You could even set the scoring system so that a second or two is added to your time if you fail an obstacle and that you can only move on to a different obstacle once you’ve completed the current one properly.

As you can see, there’s a lot of room for originality and creativity. The next time you know you’re going to all be stuck at home on the weekend with nothing much to do, you now have three options to choose from.

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